Tuesday, October 22, 2013

i've been waiting for today since January, or about then. because today the last book in Veronica Roth's Divergent series came out, it's called Allegiant.

and guess what? i forgot all freaking about it. i remembered like 2 days ago. but i forgot today. bla! so tomorrow before english class i shall go by walmart and buy that book, and then read it all through english class! not kidding, i have my essay written so i can just read for the rest of the class period. it's awesome.

the sad part is, i probably won't be finishing my other books anytime soon since i'll be utterly consumed in Allegiant, of course, it may not even last that long. i read Insurgent in 12hours. sad part again. i don't have 12hours straight to spare. oh well.

it's been a really good week.

finally got instagram and twitter! i know, i'm so dreadfully behind.
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peace out! 


  1. Bet you can read it in a day or two. It didn't take me long to finish Divergent or Insurgent.

  2. followed and followed. :D

    I *really* need to read those books....

  3. Haven't read those books. I've been reading a lot of Diana Wynne Jones lately.

    I still don't even have a facebook, so you're not THAT behind. XD