Saturday, October 19, 2013

on quirkies and life

a small list of my quirks.

1-i wear moccasins around the house for the sole purpose of sliding around on the tile. why walk to the bathroom when i can glide?!

2- i must wear a hat that covers my ears during scary movies. it's like a security blanket.

3-i'm a mexican who loves fake mexican food.

4-my celebrity look alike is johnny depp.

5-ovens scare me.

6-i hate chunks in creamy food substances. like fruit in yogurt is just wrroonngg.

7- i rarely listen to music that i can't sing to.

8- my imagination has always been a realistic sort of imagination.

a small list of things i've learned about myself and life recently.

1- i second guess everything i do.

2- i don't really need many friends to be content and happy. i have my family and right now, i think that's all i really need.

3- i haven't been loving anyone lately, not even me. but that's changing now.

4- i'll get used to starting all over again, over and over.

5- i get envious over how other people are, not the lives they have.

6- it's ok to let people think that quiet is all there is to you.

 basically, let people be wrong. 



i *seriously* need there to be a day between Saturday and Sunday..or two...yeah.


  1. Totally agree on #6 of the second set!! I have been trying to learn to not put such an emphasis on what people think of me.. But it's not an easy thing :-P ;-)

  2. "Why walk to the bathroom when I can glide?" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!! haha! I do that too! Not with moccasins, though. With socks. Sorry. I'm feeling kind of hyper and random so this might be a long comment.

    I hate chunks in creamy food substances too! *fist bump*

    I second guess everything too. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    I love that you get jealous of how other people ARE and not their lives.

    You're awesome, girlie. *hugs*

  3. "6- it's ok to let people think that quiet is all there is to you. basically, let people be wrong. "

    Been thinking about this lately, too. There's a lot of confidence to be found in it, but can be tricky to navigate as well if you want to meet people. That's where I'm at in life. But yes, I totally agree that confidence in your natural state is the way to go!

    Love all of these!! You are a lovely and unique person :)

  4. It always surprises me, how much I relate to you. I don't know why I keep letting it surprise me. But this: "i get envious over how other people are, not the lives they have." I think I relate to the most. How people are. yes. Exactly.