Thursday, January 2, 2014

this isn't really goodbye
click on le image to go to my new blog!

unless, of course, you decide not to head over to my new space and keep up with me there.

then this would be goodbye, but i hope not..?

yes, yes. i have a new blog to start off this new year. i've been working on it for a few months now, and of course, it isn't actually ready. but, it's up and there's a follow me gadget at the very bottom. which isn't hard to find, since there aren't any posts yet. ha. so yeah. this is my very last post on here. i'll miss this place, i've been here for 3years and it's turned into a nice little blog, but i want to start fresh. i'm super excited about this new blog. and you should be too. i have a really good feeling about it. anywho.

expect something awesome on Inside Out very soon.



  1. Hey, I can't seem to follow your new blog! I'll check back tomorrow or some time soon, hopefully it will work then. Just thought I'd let ya know in case you didn't know it isn't working! :)

  2. I go look!! *boing boing boing*