Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making always...

Today I decided to add some decorations to my room. Monday I made curtians, so today, some kirigami, glue and cute picture frames added a nice touch of quarkyness =)Ok, so I am thinking of maybe adding a border, what do you think? Maybe it will make it look more perfesional..ok, I think I will have to do that, so just picture these with borders, cuz I am not uploading more pics when I add borders to them..... ;)
Here is a flying creature of some sorts that I created yesterday, its blue, so I like it :)

And here are my curtians, they arent the best I have to say. They were the first ones I ever made and I was determined to do them without moms help, but as always, I shouldnt have. But I learned now, that you need to make them WAY wider than you would think. You are better off with a ton of ruffles instead of none.... :) Later today I AM going to start a new quilt. I am going to use 1930's material, and the pattern is more traditional than I normaly do. I cant wait to start and finish it, I just know it will be lovely! I am making it for my bed, and I am thinking of hand quilting it, that way it will be more special. I love hand quilted blankets, they are so much more cozy! <3>

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