Monday, January 24, 2011


I hate how fast days go by. I feel like I just woke up!. I want winter to go by FAST but I dont want time to. But no matter what I do, time always goes to quickly. It's prolly cuz I'm having SO much fun every day (sense the humor?) and you know what they say? Time flies when your having fun! Or at least that's what I've been told.
      I wake up to late in the mornings, its a winter thing. I eat, then start school. School consits of the normal subjects, math, english, biology, history, reading, art, P.E., writing, bible reading..... Done! Its so nice to be done with school at the end of the day, but I often find myself with nothing to do.
I normally get on fb, neglect my blog, play video or computer games ect-. But hopefully some of that will be changing! My (a wonderful place to play free games and meet weird people) page that I was addicted to got all jacked up for some reason or another. I can't figure it out so I am just going to quit playing. Thats a start to not playing games. And now, I have to write every day on here so mom can count it as writing for school :)
That of course doesn't mean I don't have to write any other things. For instance I am going to start a paper on one of my fave presidents, Ronald Reagan. He's a pretty cool dude, did you know he was the first prez to have been a lifeguard? And of course, an actor, but most everybody knows that.
My least favorite subject in school is biology. Ugh! I hate it! So much... My favorite is of course art.
                                                        This here is my cozy little art area :)
                                                  and this is my watercolor of the day!
Like it? I got the idea last night, it was simple and easy to do( the painting, not the idea, altho its not that original, lol)
 I had to sketch it out first, because me and patterns don't get along very well. I used to be absolutly horrible at making up patterns of anysort. But I've been making myself do some and they come more natural now.
You know, the only thing I hate about blogging, is the spell check!! There is none, thats why, lol. And since this is for school, I have to make sure I get all the spelling and comas and periods and junk right. Which btw, I do not like to do! But I geuss it will get easier.
Well, I think this is a long enough post for today, its already getting dark outside :( And I wanted to go on a walk because it was warm(er) today.
Grampa came in today and said he had to scare off an eagle who was in a low tree limb watchin one of his new calfs. Eeek, thats kinda scary because our little red dog odie is as small as a rabbit! I went out and put Tillie up even tho I am pretty sure she is WAY to big for an eagle to get at. She's a wonderful little long legged monster ^_^
Signing off for today!

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