Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sad to say, yesterday was not a good monday, I'm not sure why, but I'm afriad it might mess up my whole week. Mondays are the days I like to get everything done, do things right and thurely. That way, I'm kind of all set for the coming days. But it didnt happen this time. I barley got all my school done by 5, then it was dreary and misarable out, and I was totaly unmotivated to do anything but watch tv. And as it happend, my brother was using the computer all evening listening to a live streaming conference that was happening in Chicago. By the time he was done, I was tired, and only had time to check facebook, do my reading, and go to bed by 12.
Even tho it was such a awful Monday, I did convince myself to do a bit of sewing, and drawing. Mom had me make Banana bread, which I was very thankful for this morning.

Today its awfuly misarable out. With freezing rain falling, I'm stuck inside, with nothing to do but sewing, drawing, watching tv, playing video games and writing. The only productive things in that sentence I dont wanna do, and the couch potato things I dont wanna let myself do!
But here is a bit of what I did get done yesterday. Of course, I sewed the binding on the wrong side :p But with a aplique stich and silk thread that will be fixed easily. :)

I am going to hang it up in my room, I love boats, they make me happy.

I'm really in the mood to take pictures with my amazing camera, but I have no interesting subjects who would let me dress them up and pose for me...So that wont happen today. Pluse the lighting everywhere is terrible :p I so wish I had at least one little brother, and one little sister. 3 or 4 would be even nicer. Younger siblings, ah, that would be lovely, but it will not happen. :(

To end off, I will include this picture of me and my Thanny James (Nathaniel James Harrison). My pastors little boy.
 The most wonderful little guy I know, man I love this kid! He will be 4 years old in a week. *GASP* I dont know how that has happened!!! <3


Oh dear, bear with me here, these photos wont upload right. Isnt that just nice :p So cock your head, and see how adorable he is!!! Till next time.


  1. You should come visit me, and then you could take pictures of all the cute ornery little boys I have to put up with. :-)

  2. Yes, that would be fun...Dont you like how I misspelled Winter as winder??Lol, its fixed now :p

  3. It was a little funny looking... :)