Monday, February 28, 2011

Not much has been going on around here. I think I am baby setting the Webb kids in an acouple hours, I am not sure. Mom didn't understand if they were just gong to come by to meet Agnes, or if I was going to watch them. So I guess I will find out!
I have been playing around with picnik once again. I really love to edit pictures. Here are a few of my newest.

And that's all I could find that was still on the computer. I don't like to have to many pictures on here, so a couple days ago I got about 700 on CD's then deleted them all. One of my friends Emily Peterson had a really awesome talent for photography, and the other day, someone asked her on facebook to stop taking such beautiful pictures of herself. And she replied wonderfully. She said that if someone would volunteer to model for her, she would gladly take pictures of them instead. But for now, she is stuck with herself, and that will have to do. :-)
So its the same case for me. I got anyone else sides me, so that will have to do! I do get pretty tired of 'me' pictures tho.....
When I go up to Springfield in April I hope to have a photo shoot with my bestie. We should both have our braces off by then, so the pictures will be a lot nicer ;) I will definitely share them with you. I better go clean the kitchen now, and the living room. Mom is gone for today, Ez too, and Dad is leaving for work here soon. Thankfully I shouldn't be home alone today if Drew and Bailey stay....
Signing off! <3


  1. wOOPS! I mean, Emily "HAS" not had. Lol. I can't figure out how to go back and edit things on here after I have posted them. Oh well!

  2. There's a little yellow pencil thingy at the bottom of your post that you click on to edit. Or at least there should be. It doesn't show up for anyone but you, I think

  3. I see that now. But i dont really care any more :-) thanks tho!