Wednesday, March 2, 2011

::the milk shed::

The milk shed has been a source of entertainment and pleasure for the past several years. It used to actually be a milk shed years ago before my grandparents bought the farm, but now, its just a junk house. Next to it is a pile of old scrap metal, and inside there are endless piles of who knows what. In the past I have found some really really cool stuff. Like 2 old jail keys, and a really tiny arrowhead. The best times to go into the milk shed, is right now. In the summer its home to snakes, spiders, and other gross little critters. Monday I did end up watching the Webb kids, which was nice, because we had alot of fun being "American Pickers". They thought it was like the coolest thing ever. Especially when I took them down to the old cabin in the woods and let them discover all that was there.

This is the milk shed, you can see the huge pile of metal beside it. The back part is the hay barn. Well, one of them anyway. And coming out in front of it near the back, is the place where they put the cattle before they load them into a trailer.

And now for some of the treasures I have found in this place......
Mom actually found this one :-p which doesn't make me happy, cuz i like old pottery things...:-)

And these are all the things I have found in the milk shed. I forgot to add some pix of all the other bottles I have found in there, but oh well, I think if I upload any more pix on here it will crash on me!
I would like to make this post longer, but I think we have some errands to run today in town, plus we have to leave early for church, and I still have to do art, thankfully I am really ahead in all my school work, so I only have art today.
Till next time :-)


  1. That's awesome. I get jealous of people who have old barns and places with cool stuff in them. :-)

  2. Hmm...wonders if American Pickers would like to visit the milk shed? ;)