Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I decided to try out doing Adsense.....I hope to earn some extra monies for my trip to Springfield in April, or May, we havent decided when yet. I'm getting sooo exited about it! :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day! So sunny and nice out, I spent most of it outside playing with Agnes, Tillieo, and myself..
Mom got Agnes so eat some sweet graind! I can't wait till she eats it on her own! :-p
Today was not so nice outside. Cold, cloudy, ugly....I now have to go feed Agnes...again!
Please take a look at my ads :) I've got no clue what they are, lol...


  1. Is that where the random ads came from? They're kind of making me giggle.

  2. Yes, its the random ads, they will make me giggle if I earn some monies off them ;-O

  3. How do you make money off of them? Mom thought that maybe if we clicked on them you'd make money? She clicked on them like ten times, just in case. :-) If that's the case, I'll click on them for you, but otherwise I'm not really interested in google ads. ;-)

  4. lOL, thanks for clicking! haha, I have no clue how I will get money..Maybe I will just for advertising for them? i dont know, maybe I will when people actualy buy somthing off of the ads, ? I guess I will find out in a month or 2 :-)