Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess who this is!! It's my Grandma! She is sooooo gorgeous!!!! My Sister Toni looks sooo much like her too, lucky duck!
Last year, starting around February, my Grandma got really sick, we went to a Dr., and he was no help what so ever, because of him, she lost about 4 years of her life. But thankfully, through alot of trials, and mom being gone ALL the time, we found a better Dr., got better meds, and now she is SO much better. Last year around this time I was home alone alot. Mom was gone with Grandma, Ez and Eli both went to work, and of course Dad too. It was pretty lonely, boring, and hard. I pretty much kept up the house work, coz when Mom would come home she only had enough energy left to maybe cook.
but I am, glad its past. And I am so thankful to the Lord that Gramma is so much better. Today she even drove herself out to the house for a visit!! She is a funny thing, really ornery and cute. We enjoy her bunches. And its a good thing we do cos for some reason she enjoys us!

It was SUNNY out today!!!!! I havent seen the sun since last Monday I believe. I got a chair and sat out on the patio and drew this afternoon. It was just warm enough to not have to wear a jacket, I loved it. No tan for me tho, I wore a long sleeve shirt and pants, if I hadn't I would have gotten a really lop sided tan. It's nice being able to tan like I do. But sometimes its not so much. I can sit out in the direct sun for 5 to 10 min and get a noticable tan, BUT, if I am not care full, I tend to get tan lines. Especially around my chest and shoulders.
here is what I drew this afternoon, I got the idea off of a blog...I really can't remember the name if it! Oh well.
And then Tillieo had to come visit me, hm, sweet little doggie! ^_^ <3
She is such a cuddle bug! <3
I have to go finish writing my bestie, and then I have to write a Ronald Reagan picture...Ugh, that does NOT sound fun, I have been putting if off for around 3 weeks now. Well, actually, I HAVE been busy. So there.....

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  1. I'm glad you're Grandma is a lot better! I like her =) She is kind of ornery, just like you and your Mom. =)