Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Looonnng night.......

Me and my best friend Rachel, over at, have been on a sugar fast since the beginning of this month. Not cos we think we are fat or ANYTHING like that....Well, I mean we are teenagers, and if no sugar would help our skin to stay clear, well that would be lovely. In fact for me it has! Moving on, my point of telling you about our sugar fast is this. I had SUGAR yesterday! Ah! I know, confession time. So I had some Dr. Pepper around 2, and went over to a freinds house, and I had some Mt. Dew around 5, then later some Orange soda. Not very much, like a half a cup of each, less of the orange. And when I came home, I had extremely YUMMY chocolate box cake. It was SOOO good... ^_^......But on the down side...I didn't sleep ALL night long! For reals, I've never really stayed up all night long before. The latest was like 4:30 with my cousins, but then we all slept in till like 10 the next morning. So it was not that tiring.
I'm assuming (haha) that is WAS the sugar and caffeine that kept me up. Since it was Saturday, we were all up late anyway, so by the time I actually went to "go to bed" it was around 1. But then when I tried to sleep, I had "Friday" by Rebeka Black (that demon little girl on youtube >_< ) stuck in my head, so I turned the radio on, thinking it would drive that menacing tune out of my head...Nope! Instead, it just kept me awake, cos of course, I knew all the songs they were playing at that moment...ugh.I HATE REBEKA BLACK SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Exuse me while I go barf..yes, just thinking about her will do that to someone.......
 So I tried and tried...For like 30 min solid to sleep. But my mind was wide awake. At around 2:30, I figured that by the time I ever went to sleep, I was gonna have to wake up at 6:45 anyway to shower and I'de be SUPER tired, so I might as well not torture my self with staying *still* cos it was pointless, I was not going to sleep .
I sat up in my bed, and played my DS. I FINALLY beat the hardest level in Ninja N+ (an amazing game) and unlocked 5 new levels! It wasn't the first time. But that doesnt matter.
I had some things that had been bothering me for awhile...certain people in my life have ruined alot for me, and its hard to deal with, so I prayed for alittle while...Then I got up and picked out my outfit for church (orange shirt, jeans, hoodie, yeah, I was doing nursery, no use dressing up) I fiddled around in my room for awhile, looking through my clothes, wishing I had money to go shopping with and buy some much needed summer clothes, ha.
I read some books...and listened to music...If you actually sit and listen to music, the time just flyes, I was suprised. Befor I knew it, the time was 7:00, and people were waking up. So I was able to go around the house and do my things, feed my cow, and get ready for church.
It was interesting staying awake all night...

From now on, I will never drink soda when I am on a sugar fast!!!!!!! Lol. Since every post needs a picture, and this was a rather dumb and...dumb post, I will include acouple radom pix ;)

The top is our Lucky Little Lady Love..she is so sweet ^_^ and the other is just a pic of me that I like cos my hair looks super red/brown ^_^
Hope everyone has a great Sunday!! And now I will attempt to go clean my room, and take a nap...partyin paryin yeah!

so I still make fun of "Friday" even tho I will NEVER watch it I said, it will scar yur mind, and you will never forget it, and thats NOT a good thing! :p

on a second thought, I might watch some Stargate Altantis! <3  cos I have a headache :(

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  1. Wowzers Ninski! that is awful! lol! ^_^ I haven't done an all nighter in a loooonnng time. since..WOW!! Not since the trip home from Indiana a couple Summers ago! :D Hope u sleep better tonight! ^_^ and I am SO craving Stargate tonight but we r not getting the next disc until Tomorrow afternoon! :( but after that we r getting ALL of season 3 from the library. :D :D :D YAYAY! Anywho. Luvyutunsandtuns!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3