Monday, March 28, 2011

Plates....Bowls, more plates....

Yeah, I know, thats a pretty creative title huh? Well, thats what this post is about, so lets get going!!! ^_^

I got 24 dishes. Most are the small plates, only 3 bowls (and one gravy dish thingy) and only about 5 big plates I think. I am really loving them all, they are mine...and thats just so nice! I am really looking foreward to when I have a hopechest to put them in.
I think I'm going to start collecting dish towels as well. I am very picky about my dish towels. My gramma gave me one, its blue, and I really like it, I want more like that one. :) So uploading those pics, took forever, now I am going to do something fun, I dont know what, prolly chat with my bf, and go sew on my wall hanging some more. I REALLY need to make some matts for the art contest. I have to have everything ready by wednesday. ugh...Well, hope everyong had a GREAT weekend (like mine) and has a GREAT week!!! (hopefully like mine too ;p)
love ya!! <3


  1. "Oh No! Not u Ronxanne! I was just yelling at my....Mothers Urn...."

    I LOVE the plates!! They're so pretty!! U have antique shopping skillz! :D :D :D

    "Code: Send in the Brain Bots!"

    I hope u have a great week too. I Luv yu!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    "Oh NO please No!! Not the lasers and the spikes!!!"

  2. love the plates. I have been collecting plates again recently and i did the same when I was young for my hope chest ;) ive been watching a lot of DYI on decorating old plates and what can be done with them.. its just so cool :)

  3. I wish blogs had a "like" button. :)

  4. i love your dishes, there very vintage

  5. I love vintage plates too....super adorable. I started a hope chest when I was 15...

  6. Thnx peeps, I like them too! :)

    lol, rae, u crack me up!!! i love u <3