Monday, March 14, 2011

Shel Silverstien........

                                Is one of the BEST poets ever. I love his work. Last night I went to bed reading 'Falling Up',one of his 3 books filled with poetry. I found this one, and I just had to share it with you, and a couple more......

::Hard To Please::
(to be said in on breath)
Elaine gives me a pain,
Gill makes me ill,
Winnie's a ninny,
Orin is borin',
Rosy is nosy,
Junie is loony,
Gussie is fussy,
Jackie is wacky,
Tommy is balmy,
Mary is scary,
Tammy is clammy,
Abby is crabby,
Patti is batty,
Mazie is lazy,
Tiny is whiney,
Missy is prissy,
Richy is tricky,
And almost everyone
Makes me sicky.

I'll share your toys, I'll share your money
I'll share your toast, I'll share you honey,
I'll share you milk and you cookies too-
The hard part's sharing mine with you.

I espcially love this one...I know it by heart!

::Needles and Pins::

Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Sew me a sail
To catch me the wind.

Sew me a sail,
As strong as the gale,
Carpenters bring out your
Hammers and nails.

Hammers and nails
Hammers and nails,
Built me a boat
To go chasing the whale.

Chasing the whales,
Sailing the blue,
Find me a captian
Sign me a crew.

Captian and crew,
Captain and crew,
Take me oh take me,
To anywhere new.

And I hope you enjoyed that!

And then a picture of me...Cos I felt like it! Dont you love my watch? Ever since I read Anne Frank I wanted one like hers! <3


  1. Yes I love your watch. Where did you get it? I have to get a watch soon, and actually wear it, (ugh!) Don't know how I'm going to find one I like, and I hate! wearing watches.

  2. You hate wearing watches? Why? I like it. I got mine at Target for only 10$, they have a nice selection there ^_^ Hope you find you u might like to wear! ;-)

  3. Well I think part of it is that I never have had one I really liked. I have an old one with a leather band that I actually liked, but it's broke.The other part is that I like being sloppy with my time! Lol.