Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You know, the morning goes by VERY fast if you sleep through half of it, and then wake up, and get ready in 10min to have a friend swing by to say hi. Then after a very pleasant visit, you realize you still have to do school, and chores...But you really dont want to do either, and no one is home to make you do them so you goof around..Doing nothing....That was my morning for ya.  As I was outside trying to get a decent picture of myself, that was the goofing off part, Sissy had a seizure (still is) and the poor baby is sitting on the couch shaking all over :'( and there is nothing I can do for her! I hate her seizures.
Anyway, I think I actually did get a good picture of me! Which does not happen very often...I can never seem to find a good profile pic for fb either...which really urks me.
So today mom took gramma to her last Dr. app. I was going to go, but I really dont need to spend any more money. So I am going to go to church tonight with Ez and Simeon...Simeon is Ezra's freind....He is over here ALL the time..

Anywho...I am going to now edit pictures... I hope you have a productive day! Its really beautiful out right now.
And dont worry, I will get my school done and no one will be getting in trouble for goofing off today ;-)
Oh, and I JUST realized I have to make lunch for Dad!!!! So no pictures today!!! (cos i was just uploading one)


  1. sounds like a happy morning!! :D I have been cleaning and planning and baking and stuff all morning to get ready for Silver Dollar City in the morning! I still have to do school too. :P Oh well. I should go do some right now instead of goofin' around on Blogger and fb. lol. Luvyu tuns and TUNS nonies!!! <3 <3 <3 have a good day!:*

  2. I looove you too!!!!! Gosh, I wish I could go with you to SDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 Hope you have a spectacularly, amazing, fun say!