Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well is been like, way to freakin long since I last blogged....Oh well!
It's 55 here, nice and sunny, beautiful!! Yesterday Elizabeth Peterson left from her week long visit from Florida. She left last November, the 9th to be exact, my birthday :( It was sad.  But we had a GREAT going away party for her, and when she came back, we had a nice 'welcome home' party, it was smaller, but still nice. She was over here alot, which was awesome.
Last Friday was Winter Jam...and I have one word to describe it......AMAZINGLYEPICLYBEAUTIFULYGREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so, acouple words...but still, it deserves it. We got there super early, so we could get good seating. And we did. We dropped Ez and Sim off, and me and dad went and walked around St. Charles. It was really really pretty there. I want to go back! We found some really awesome antique stores too. After walking around St. Charles, we went and stood/sat in line for acouple hours. It was so worth the wait. It was an amazing night...So here are some pics of St. Charles...

 Well that was alot of waiting. St. Charles reminds me alot of Silver Dollor City. Thats prolly why I loved it so much.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the art show! I won 1st in photography, 1st and 2nd in fabrics, 1t in design...and I think thats all. I was happy with the result. I will post pics of what I won on tomorrow. I'm getting tired of finding things to say. Hope everyone has a nice week!! :D

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  1. Ooo! Lovely pics! I love wandering around in places like that...
    Make sure you post pictures of what you made for the art show!=)