Friday, April 8, 2011

Today is the first day of the year, that felt SO much like a Missouri summer!! I'm lovin every minuet of it!!! And I finished my hope chest today also! It was my great uncle Earls, then it was Mom's, then the boys, now its mine! It not a very kool chest, very simple..But its still old..which makes it a little more kool. Another neat thing, is that it was used in WWII, it even has a date, 1946! Neat huh? I like it. It was pretty, boy-ish befor, but now its super cute. :D



It was so nice to sit out in the sun, listen to Switchfoot, and paint. I've been listening to ALOT of Switchfoot/Jon Foreman lately, I NEVER get tired of his voice, or his songs, they are so amazing.
Oh boy, I'm refreshed, I just got out of the shower, it was so nice after being all stinky and sweaty :p And again, I'm home alone, mom and Eli should get back anytime soon tho..I am then going to go mow Gramma's lawn. I really should not have taken a shower, since I know I'm just gonna get all stinky and sweaty again, but oh well :p I like being home alone. Its so peaceful. I really needed it today. I LOVE my home. I don't know why all these kids now days hate being at home. I love it. I can't to have a home of my own.
Now I'm gonna share a song, I normaly dont do this, but I really think eveyone who reads this, NEEDS to watch this video. I love the words, so. so. so. much. just beautiful. <3

I hope this song touches you as it has me. Have a wonderful week end everybody! Not sure when I'll be back......... ;)

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