Friday, May 13, 2011


There have been a few changes around here, just in case you couldn't tell.. For one, my last post apparently used up all my storage on blogger, so I had to buy 20more GB, it was only $5, and they said it should last me a couple years.  Also, I made my blog..bigger. As in, the width, and now I can have my pictures bigger! And. I picked a different background. I'm not sure what I think of it.. Its least for me. I don't go much for the teeny bopper look, so this is stretching it for me. But I like it. So we'll see how long it stays.  And now to demonstrate how my pictures are better (or u could just go look at my last post) here is a picture!
I actually won 1st place with this photo in the Mineral Area College art contest. I just love this picture so much! Anywho. Hope everyone has a great weekend! My whole week has been a weekend it seems.... Oh! My big  bro is bringing me home a wall-mart snack plate! (he just called;) yummo ^_^ (and yes, that was random)
Till next time! (whenever that will be :p I don't know)
Nonieo <3


  1. I love this picture, its so cute!

    btw, I'm really good at making stuff for blogs so if you ever want me to make you a cool new header i could do that for ya.

  2. Thanks! I will deff keep that in mind next time I'm tired of what my blog looks like :D

  3. Who's the little boy? He has cute freckles. =)
    I thought blogger was free!?! Hm... background is okay, but don't stare at it too long or it does things to your eyes. =) Lol.

  4. @Lydia, thats my brother in-laws little bro, Samuel, 2 years ago, he is adorable :)
    Blogger is free, but storage is not :p after awhile u r gonna use all yur photo storage an have to get the 20gigs. lol. I am liking the background more and more :) but I always end up changing it again and again. ;-)

  5. So blogger is free, except you might have to pay sometime. =) Lol!

  6. the storage and blogger r different things.... :)

  7. like run by different companies or something like that. : p