Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow. so I'm thinking I won't be blogging for a week..or more. It depends on when I wanna start back up again after I get back from my...vacation sort of thingy...Tomorrow I'm going to my cousins place, then on to Silver Dollor City/Branson for the week. My cousins play blue grass at SDC, they are really awesome at  it too. So I know I was once complaining about not getting to go to SDC for over 5 years, but now, I get to go spend a whole week there! Or at least till Wednesday, I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm hoping to have loads of fun, I'm sure I will. I am kinda sad tho that I will only be able to see my beastie Rachel on Saturday, and Saturday only, but anyway. I'm thankful this whole thing is working out! So I'm gonna go now. I've already packed everything, and there is nothing for me to do, so I might go sketch something since Rae is not gonna be on chat till tonight. Anywho, I will try and blog again one I come back! Have a good weekend, and week peoples! <3 <3

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