Monday, May 9, 2011

I know, its been, what, way over a week right? Well I think I was entitled to a break, and now I'm ready to start up again. Right now I'm listening to a so very relaxing song by Jadon Lavik, 'Tis So Sweet'. Love this song...So I thought my weekend was going to suck. But it turned out to be very pleasant, and we celebrated Mothers day, along with my mom's b-day. We had shrimp cocktail, starting on Saturday, with pork steak, and since our stove is broke, that was pretty much it, then Sunday we bought french bread, grilled, feasted on more shrimp cocktail, and snacked on pork rinds with lemon and chilli sprinkled on top. It was soo yummy, all I did was EAT *all* day long. Oh, and we had caramel/pecan/icecream cake too! That was especially good. After eating and being lazy and naps, dad took me to grampas to pick up Betsy, his new beagle. She is SOO cute! I want her really bad, but I can't. So I will just bring her over here and spoil her whenever I can.
What did I tell ya? She's pretty stinkin cute huh! I reallly do like her. Alot.

Then yesterday evening, we were all outside doing things. Such as, Dad and Ezra working on the pool, Mom working on her flower bed, and me just goofing around doing odd jobs with Betsy Boo. It was a nice relaxing evening. When it got dark we watched a movie. Cannot remember what movie tho...Oh! Yeah, Howards End, it had Emma Roberts (i think it was her) and Helen Botom Carter and (sp?) Anthony Hopkins (this was the ONLY movie I liked him in, he's a creep). It was a long drama, took us 3 different setting to finish it all!

So today I am officially DONE with ALL my reading and English! Now I just have to finish math this week, which I am pretty sure will happen. Biology on the other hand will prolly NEVER get done :p  Ohohoh! I also made an adorable skirt this weekend! I think it was Saturday night. Anyway, I had this old blouse thingy that someone had tried to "taylor" and it was quite horrid, but the bottom part worked great for a skirt. All I had to do was cute the top off, fold the edge over and sew, then rip a little hole and put elastic through. Super easy.
I know. My hand looks weird. But thats cos mom was taking the picture..There is a reason why I am the one who takes the pix in this family. ;) Then I made a watch. Well, I put straps on it anyway. The watch itself is to big for someone like me to wear, but the idea is awesome! Here's a pic.
And now one of Eli and Lulu...She really hates him.

Doesn't she look ticked?!
And now a kool tree frog that was on the window last night. =) and thats all, I'm singing off for today. Hopefully I'll be back before next week!!


  1. No more not blogging for a whole week... please! =)
    Aw! I love puppies so much! How did Tillie like her?

  2. i Love that watch!! it is SO quarky!!! :D :D :D :D
    Wait a sec...That was a blouse???? :P lol. It is very cute! :D I would never think to do that to a blouse. lol. U r awesome.
    Does your grandpa breed and sell beagles or does he just keep them? They are so cute......
    hehehe. mom says...."that puppy" LOL! :D It is an odd pic of her. I like a lot of the others better. ^_^ <3 hehehe being back b4 next week is good. <3 luvyu!