Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's BACK!!!

My Monster is home!! I'm *soo* glad to have her back! She came home yesterday when grampa had to come over to help us get a cow and her calf up. I found the calf at the S-curve, very weak, and unable to get up, so me and mom gave it a bottle, and then went to check on the bridge. Grampa was actually on his tractor, cleaning up the bridge, even tho it still had about 3 inches of water over it. So we told him, and he came back with his Big Red, bringin my tillie, and we got the calf mama, and it up in the lot by the house. So yeah, as soon as Tillie was home, I had to put her in her pen, and was gone for about a half hour! Poor thing, she was sad. But then I brought her in, bathed her, and spoiled her rotten. She was pretty wound up, so I had to put her in her pen for the night. Normaly I'de keep her in a little after dark, but she was not behaving. : p
Right now she is running around out side. We are kinda afraid to let her run around when the chickens are out. Cos we are pretty sure that she, was the cause of finding 5 chickens dead. I wish we didn't have chickens. They are so gross. But of course, mom went and bought up, 11 MORE baby chicks. They are cute..but soon they will be nasty, ugly, gross, stinky, stupid, big chickens.
So anywho, I really need to go get a shower, I'm most likley going to go to a freinds house in a little while...So I better git! Not sure if we are going to be going to church tonight or not. Depends on the weather :p
Oh, and I may not be back. I may have to spend the night at my gramma's if it starts to rain tonight, cos tomorrow I am getting my braces off, and that way I won't be stuck here. I'm trying my hardest to NOT get exited...Just in case, you know, it does not happen for some tragic reason. But anywho..Hope you like seeing how ADORABLE my little (huge!) Tillieo! <3 <3

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