Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not much had been going on since I last blogged, all I've been doing is waking up at a decent time (8 or 9) eating, facebooking, school, listening to music, reading, swimming, and drawing, ect-. Pretty low key stuff, but for the moment, I'm content with it. Its easy to be content once you learn how, (its hard to get there!) and for me, I'm a MUCH more pleasant person when I'm content with things...
Right now I'm reading a book called The Naming, its really good and I'm really enjoying it, thanks to my friend Rene :) And the only other book I'm reading is my bible every night. The evening is my favorite part of the day (even if thats when chore time is! :p) Its normaly when we watch tv, eat, and wind down for the day. And then around 10, I lock myself in my room (not really, cos my lock is kinda broken :p lol ) and I read my bible, pray and write in my journal. Its become a sort of ritual for me, and I'll be very happy if I can always continue it.
I've been thinking about getting up earlier and having a quiet time then too, and then I will just have to start my evening earlier than everyone else. I might try that tomorrow. Tho tomorrow I won't have a normal evening cos we go to church and don't get back till earliest 9. So maybe I should just do a morning quiet time on Wednesday since I'll be to tired when I get home at night...Sorry, I'm thinking out loud here. lol.....
So we had some visitors today, they brought me a bead loom! Last time they sent my mom home with a TON of seed beads for me, so I am gonna have to try and make some thing here soon.
And then yesterday I made myself a pair of swim shorts! Well.... I had some boy swim shorts that I really love, but I was NOT about to wear BOY TRUNKS in any sort of pubic swimming shorts, that was ok when I was 10, but NOT at 16. And since I loved the print of these shorts, and they went well with my suit, I didn't want to throw them out. Since last year I have been trying to think of some way I could convert the shorts to fit me better and not make me look like some freaky homeschooler :P So all I did was take the top of the shorts, and lower them a bit to make the crotch smaller, then I just cut the length off to make them shorter and sewed a nice hem and TA-DA!!! Mom says no one would ever guess they used to once be  boy trunks! Here they are..And yeah, the editing is really wierd, but I messed it up on accident, so then I just took it farther and made it cool. hehe.
 They are tan, with a brown waist and light brown plaid and orange and brown designs on the side. Cute huh?! I didn't want to really blog about them, cos I at first did not want anyone knowing that I was so cheap to go out and buy a pair of girls swim trunks, but then I realized that was silly, I should be very proud of the fact that I was for once clever enough to make something on my own! haha. Even my mom was surprised I pulled it off cos I'd been talking about doing something like that for so long that we BOTH figured I'd never do it.
So anywho. I think this is a pretty good post, seeing as I'm really not in the mood to blog! So I'mma git!
have a lovely week everyone!!! <3 <3


  1. as far as the shorts go, man that is what all the shows are about and the fashion is doing it yourself and making it a go yourself. you did awesome!
    I was thinking too, about your night time routine. Keep it up, it maybe only for a season, a long one or short one doesnt matter, but I think its a good thing to keep going at :) (its something I use to do but with the place i am in life now its not easy)

  2. Hey, glad your liking The Naming!! :)
    and very cute swim shorts!!! I've thought about doing something like that myself....but idk if i ever will lol!! way to go, though!! - totally, awesome.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Those shorts are *SO* cute!!! <3 <3 That is awesome! I should try that. 'course, I would prolly just ruin a pair since I am not NEARLY as skilled at sewing and such as u. :) <3
    I hope u have a blast on Sunday. :) :) :) I wish u could be here but since ur not I'm glad u have something awesome and fun to do over there. :D Luvyu!!