Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After several hours of trying to get blogger working, I really dont feel like blogging..So I will just share some pix I took of a cute little frog that one of my favorite little boys found at the church picnic on Sunday. I named him William..William escaped while someone was taking a picture of my hair...(my friend had done a unicorn braid and I wanted to see what it looked like) Oh..and I'll include a picture of my new old man shoes. I just love them! I've been needing some shoes with support in them for some time now, and these are both cute, and comfty. Well I have an e-mail to write, bracelet to make, and bioligy to do. ttfn!

sorry the one of my hair is sideways..like i said. Blogger is jacked up at the moment..


  1. Love the braid! You'll have to show me how when we see you in July. Wish you were close by, I'm taking Lyd out for supper and if you were here we'd take you, too. You have to come visit some time!!!

  2. I love the pics of William!! Amazing!! <3 And ur hair was loverly. :D ^_^ And I do love those shoes. :D lol. I'm glad u had funfun at the picnic! :D I can't can't wait to see u again this Summer. <3 <3 <3