Friday, July 29, 2011

Normally I'd start off this post with "not much has been happening lately" but alas, thats not completely true. Summer has been happening, and its absolutely wonderful. Even if it includes some changing of myself..which, is not exactly wonderful, but its needed. Changing yourself and trying to be more like Christ is never easy, an often times you don't feel like being "happy". Its hard and stressful, and sometimes embarrassing, but that's just life and I'm just glad I have Jesus to help me through it all, not to mention my awesome family that God has extremely blessed me with. :) AND awesome friends too. Yesterday I got to see 2 friends I hadn't seen in forever, tho I see their brother all the time, lol. I've known this family for a loonnngg time, and the oldest kid is my biggest brothers good friend so he comes over frequently, and he has sisters my age who I never get to see. So this time, they came over too. It was a great visit filled with watching movies, swimming, an hanging out having a good time. I hope to do it again sometime VERY soon.
So I'm still not sticking with this blogging thing very well, I needed some motivation, so I got on here about an hour ago an found a bunch of random  fun blogs, read a few posts, and got motivated to write here! :) I know I said I was gonna change this into a photography blog and not fill it with my ramblings, but I changed my mind, it can be both.I don't often change my mind when I make it up about sometime. hehe.
Tomorrow a good friend is getting married, so happy and excited for him! I'm excited for the wedding, I love weddings. My sisters was the most fun wedding I've been to yet, hehe, prolly cos I was maid of honor ;-) But weddings  in general have a fun atmosphere about them. Now I myself will never have a big wedding, I'll prolly elope when the time comes, lol.
This week has been weird, having friends in the middle of the week made it feel like it was the weekend, specially since they were, um, weekend friends. like people that normally come over on a Friday..instead of a Wednesday. But its all good, extra long weekend feel for me!
I started school, I wanted to start way earleir, but I didn't get my math till like 3 or 4 weeks ago, and then as soon as I got it, life started getting busy busy. Lots of late nights (one all nighter) and lots of sleeping in till 12 or past (today I slept till 2! :p.. ) then VBS this week, which started Sunday, ended yeah..I'm only on like lesson 4 of math. BUT, I have gotten some good school reading in, its surprisingly enjoyable too. hehe. Ok. Since this is a photography AND life blog, I think I've covered enough about my life, and now,  pics I snapped today...What do u think? You like it?

Uuughgh.,,i HATE blogger sometimes. It refuses to load the picture correctly. Therefore. its sideways..can I shoot something??

An, for some reason, this one loads just fine. grrr....

And this one!..I think its cos I didn't crop it when I edited it...
Well, I better go, I'll prolly just read or eat or swim. Tho its not very sunny out right now :p Anyway. Hope you enjoyed the pix, tell me what you think! Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Those are some of the coolest pix I have ever seen!!!! :D I LOVE those! You are so creative. <3 Luv u Nonii! <3 <3