Monday, August 1, 2011

July is over. I can't believe it, July is over! Its rather sad, I didn't want to say goodbye to July so quickly, so much happened in July, so many feelings..Bumps in the road, hard issues to overcome, happy times, busy times, no slow times..Sigh...and its over. For me, August has always been one of those weird months.. When I think of August, I don't think summer, I dont think fall, I just think..Yuck...Course then there's school. I don't mind school, cos I've already been doing it part time, the main thing I hate about the school season, is having to discipline yourself to getting all your school done BEFORE 12. If I let it wait till any time after 2, then I have the hardest time getting it done. Annndd, another thing I HATE about the school season is being told "its bed time". I'm pretty sure, that when I'm 45, and come to visit my moms house, I'll get told "Its bed time!" hehehe...But anyway. I won't go into the things I hate about the school season. The things I love, are of course, reading, art, school in general really and the weather. Fall is my second favorite season next to summer..I love ever day of it! Even the dreary rainy days. They are all wonderful. I AM gonna have having to do school tho when its still nice to go swimming out..This is my last year of school tho...So with that thought in mind, it will be a very happy one!
Ok. The pic for today. Its kinda odd. I got it by putting my camera in a zip lock bag. I was kinda nervous about doing so, but everything went great, and I finally got a picture where I wasn't all distorted and funny lookin.
I'm  done fighting blogger. Your just gonna have to get a crick in yur neck to look at this. There is nothing I can do to help it.
I better git!
Have a fabulous week everyone! <3 <3

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