Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soooooo....its been like 2 weeks? Yeah. Sorry about that. :D  But I have been busy!! I mean, there were days when I wasn't doing much, but I didn't feel like blogging at all, so I didn't put myself in pain and I just took a break. I'm still kinda on that brake, but I thought maybe you'd like to see some of my photography that I've been up to. I've been thinking of just making this a photography blog. Cos its what I'm best at, and I would much rather just post a gazillion photo's than tell you about my crazy life. And it wouldn't JUST be kool photography pix, it would be random pix of my life and junk like that too, maybe even some music videos once in awhile. :D
Ok. So here are some recent pix. Hope you enjoy!!

I've been having a blast discovering how to use limited editing tools on picnik. I'll give a little explanation to the photos. Alot of my work comes from me being bored. When I am bored, I grab my camera and have, once again, a photo shoot with me, myself and I. It gets kinda lonely having ME as the ONLY model, but I've gotten used to it, and in fact, I rather like it. When its just me, I know exactly what I want, so I dont have to stress out on trying to communicate my idea to my model. The first picture, I wasn't really "trying" to get "pop-art" feel, it just kinda happens, same thing with the others..things just..happen, when I sit down and begin to edit. I get an idea, and it just kinda explodes into whateverness. I've gotten a little crap for the 2nd photo, not just from friends, but from random strangers too. Saying its creepy and demented and they don't get it...I assume that when people see this kinda of art, they think the person coming up with it has issues and, well, likes "dark and creepy, gothic things" or whatever..well, I don' have issues, and I don't like alot of demented or gothic creepy things. BUT, I do have a weakness for dark quirky things, and to me, this is kind of a Tim Burton creepiness, and to me that's the GOOD kinda of creepy, not the kind that comes with having issues. lol. Sorry, I just had to clear all that up. <3 Oh, and another thing, to anyone who might not "get" it, well, there is not much to "get" cos there is not real story behind these pix..hehe :)

These were inspired by some face painting photos I saw somewhere. The thing on my face in just like a drape, kinda abstract of whatever u wanna call it, I dont really know...
 What do u think of this one? Please...ddooonnt tell me u like it cos u r being nice, but really, do I look..decent, from this angle? lol. I know that sounds wierd, but I always think I look horrid from this angle. :D

Lol. I look like a tard, but I LOVE the editing. Hope you do too!
Ttyls people, please, share my link with your friends!
God Bless. <3


  1. I love the top picture. :D And the 2nd drapey face paint one. It is kinda lovely in a way. ^_^ and YES! U look great in that pic! ^_^ That is ur depp-est angle I think. :D :D lol. <3 and the last pic. Made. Me. Laugh!!!! LOL! I hope u don't hate me fore saying so but u look like a fish! Right off Finding Nemo! HAHA! Ok. I'm sorry. :D The editing is kool though. :D hehe. ^_^ Luvyu! <3 <3 <3

  2. Oo... I like the last two face-painting ones. And I agree, you're not demented. =)

  3. I always have much to say so I apologize for writing a novel, but I am excited since this is my first official comment on a blogger's page.

    The first three pictures are very unique, and eye-catching. I think part of it is because when you get an idea, you run with it, but since you normally have art like this based on a face, it isn't some crazy abstract concept that the viewer is trying to grasp, and people can place their own story behind each piece. I think a lot of artist have to place their own story behind a piece initially, in order to grasp a full idea and convey it as art, whereas you have an idea, it becomes a complete product, and is in no need of a necessary story.

    The second set automatically makes me thing of ancient times, more specifically, Egyptian hyroglifics. What is nice about this set is that it doesn't have any direct correlation to anything ancient, though I think it gives off an impression as such.

    The second to last photo is surprisingly good. I say surprising because I think for almost anybody, it is very hard to get an acceptable photo that is angled from the chin. I have only one photo of myself from that angle, which is edited, that I can half way tolerate. Perhaps this is a one time only successful shot? Repeating it will likely be difficult but I think its a pretty good one, probably even profile pic worthy. Nice going on perfecting the angle.

    This is the first time I've seen this last photo, and when I first saw it, I felt a mixture of influence from the 50's and something rather "pseudo-horror movie-esque". More specifically, I this makes me thing of a "softer" version of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho. The fading coloring is pretty cool for sure.

    My last comment is to suggest you it would probably be better for your sake to make this a photo blog. The one thing you'd have to worry about is someone copy and pasting your face somewhere. The photo's don't necessarily have to be of you, or even of any person, but I think people are more inclined to read something online with visuals as opposed to just reading.
    Food for thought.