Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I know, its been over a week! But lately, AGAIN, blogger has not been wanting to behave! This past week was a good one, not alot happened, but I didn't let myself get so bored an there for was a much happier person...Friday there was a church camp out, that was kinda fun, I didn't feel well..but i am better now! :D
Oh, I also got my hair chopped off on Thursday! I am pretty much loving having short hair, I think I will keep it like this for the winter :) Its sooo easy to stay on top of. I love it.
I've also been doing a few photo shoots. Oh how I wish I had someone else sides ME to take pictures of!!! It gets so tiring only having one model. THIS is when a little sibling would come in handy. Lol. But of course, little siblings never want to pose for pictures..I look rather...tense in this picture. lol...Well..there is nothing else to say or write about..well, thats a lie, but nothing I FEEL like telling anyone about..sides, it would bore u awfully.
Have a good week everyone!
God Bless


  1. Please, pretty, please take some pics of my kiddos when we come to visit!!!

  2. Dude, u look absolutely beyond stunning in both those pix!! <3! I miss u oodles and bunches!!!! ~RinskiiJoy.
    P.S. I am not in my account cos I am on the iPod and it takes forever to sign in from here! :P luvyu!

  3. Awesome pix!!! LOL i know what you mean about needing someone to take pictures of besides yourself...i have that same problem.... :P
    your hair looks AWESOME!!!!!!