Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Life Post..

OH man, I'm not sure if I am gonna be blogging much this school year! I haven't even started school yet (tho i was supposed to) and I haven't had ANY time to blog! This week has been rather busy. Monday I babysat for several hours, got home, swam, ate, and did who knows what, then I was stinking tired and went to bed before 12.(!) Then on Tuesday I went to a freinds house, and met her daughter and son in-law, who are the Supervising Sound Editors for the show 24. It was interesting meeting them, and finding out that the son in-law is a libertarian. It was nice to meed a Hollywood person who was conservative like us, and had the same political view points.  Cos I get tired of the mega liberal Hollywood people..tho I wonder if allot of that is just propaganda...but anyhow. Thats a WHOLE other subject! Lol :p
The Wednesday me and mom went shopping, and were in town for several hours, and then had about an hour home before we left for church. Thursday I had an Orthodontist app. and more shopping and running around up in the "Big town" lol :p :p Then a freind came over and that meant staying up late watching movies..then yesterday was just a normal busy day at home..I went to grampas with Dad, Ezra and Dave, and I climbed up on a tall ladder in Grampas garage and found an old suit case. I couldn't bring it down with me without killing myself, so I looked through it up there, with wasps buzzing around my head, and threw down the stuff I found. I found some cool things that used to be moms when she was in college, like an old sketch book of hers, with at least 10 drawings in it, a coat that has a funny story, a small Tylenol tin, that Gramma says is collectable, then other very random things.. Oh, I forgot to mention I found a pair of brand new, awesome black and white checkered Chuck Taylors at the thrift store for 3bucks! They are pretty awesome. ^_^
Today I have to mow Gramma's lawn again..ugh. I was hoping to get to stay at home and do nothing all day..Well, not nothing, cos I want to be creative today. I haven't been creative all week! Its awful. In fact. I haven't even touched my sketch book in a month. Or painted.. Or taken any really good photos that I want to show off...I  *hate* not being creative..I hope to fix that problem today but idk if I will feel motivated to or not...Anyway. I'll try. I need to get some reading done too...I think that means I better git off here! lol.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! <3 <3

Hold on!!! I totally forgot about this photo! I took it earlier this month, and I have to say, I am very proud of it! Only cos I edited my eye to look truly dark blue..I *so* wish my eyes were that color instead of brown..But oh well...Tell me what u think! <3


  1. That is an awesome photo Ninski! :D Your eyes are a gorgeous color. lol. They don't need to be blue. (even though ur eye looks amazing there. :D :D ) Brown-eyed ppl rock!! ;) lol. <3
    I want a pic of ur converse! :D They sound amazing! <3 <3
    U have a fabulous weekend as well! <3

  2. You always find cool stuff! I want to find an old suitcase *pouty face* :( Lol!

  3. Lol Lidja!! I was thinking exactly the same thing!! I would love to just find interesting old stuff. :P ^_^

  4. Lol, u guys r funny, glad u like my pic RinskiiJoy <3