Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love September. I dont know why. Just like I dont know why I hate August. But I do! I think its cos SEPTEMBER just sounds so FALL-ish! I *love* fall. Almost more than I love Summer! So far I've done nothing exiting this September sides plan a trip to CA with dad. ^_^  We are planning on leaving for CA the 6th of October, and staying till the 18th? Yeah. I think thats it. :D I haven't been to Cali in 4 stinking years!! Last time I was 12-going on 13, and it was a weird stage in life for me, and I was painfully QUIET around all my family out there. This time I'm 16 almost 17, and I'm not in a weird stage anymore, and hopefully I wont be as quiet! Lol! ^_^ I'll finally be getting to really meet my cousin Melanie who seems like a totally awesome person from the little I've gotten to know her on fb <3 I think we met once when I was 5...anywho. October can't get here fast enough!!!
So in the mean time, I'm going to try and get alot of school done, and me, mom and Ezra are taking Spanish at MAC, so I want to try and learn as much Spanish as I can before I go see all my Mexican cousins! Mom told me today that I really really need to practice my Spanish. And I was like, why? And she said,cos our teacher gave us a TON of Spanish to practice..I didn't realize. Lol. Mom says its easier for me cos Spanish WAS my first language :p and that she feels sorry for the other people in our class. Lucky for her tho, she is already fluent!
Anyway, sides school, I've not been very good at finding time to draw or sew, but hopefully that will happen when its colder outside. I'm so sad that soon we will be closing the pool.. :'(
Hehe, I just found THE real Sean Watkins on facebook. I'm kinda the pro as searching facebook to find the REAL people instead of just fans made profiles. Its super easy when you have cousins who have some pretty famous musicians on their friends list. xD like. um. Ron Block? I think thats where I started to find Watkins.
Sooo..this is turning into a boring life post. So I'll share some of my recent photography, and a picture of my hair cut!! Hope you love!

A few little girl friends of mine came over for an afternoon last week, and I took advantage of having someone else sides ME to model for me. They did a great job, even if it wasn't exactly what they had in mind when I told them I'd paint their faces. lol :)

And then my new hair! I pretty much love it, its so easy, I just have to spray a bit of gel in it, run my fingers through it and I'm good to go!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Ok. Now blogger is freaking out and getting all jacked up. So I'mma get my rear off here and go swimming then practice Spanish.
And right now I'm totally addicted to a school book. :p
till who knows when..


  1. kool pix! I am so excited for u. :D Going to Cali would be 3pic. ^_^
    And I LOVE that last pic of u! It is gorgeous!! ^_^ <3 <3

  2. those pix are awesome!!! and i freakin LOVE your hair!!!! :D