Thursday, September 8, 2011

YO! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far..cos I know I have! Sides having to do tons of school everyday..But I dont mind, cos I'm working ahead to make up for the CA trip! Me and dad ordered our tickets on Monday. I'm pretty exited. Tho I am trying not to think about it cos I still have another 4 or so weeks left before we leave..!
Tuesday I got to see my favorite 2yr old and 4yr olds ever. Gosh I love those boys! ^_^ They make me so happy. Specially Nathaniel (4yrold) he's my specially buddy..We love each other *very* much <3
 this is Luke...

 And that is Nathaniel. <3
Wednesday our Spanish class was canceled (thank the Lord!!!) and just me and Ezra went to church. At first no one was going, than just Ezra was going..then I decided to go. Thankfully I was already dressed in ok clothes..and I didn't even bother with makeup. lol
Today I slept in till 9, got up, and immediately did science. :p I hate science so much. But I finally got my test done and got a good grade ^_^ So anyway. Sides that I rode Ellie this morning. But then something broke on her halter so I  had to bring her back home. She is doing so good, but she does NOT like to turn to the right! and she always wants to go home instead of out in the field. Its rather frustrating.
Tomorrow I am going to Springfield with some friends who offered to give me a ride! I AM SO PSYCHED!! I haven't seen my beastie, Rachel,  in FOREVER! I saw her for one day in March, then for one day in May. Now I get to hopefully see her Friday evening, all day Saturday, and at least till noon on Sunday! ^_^ <3 We're gonna have loads of fun. I just hope the weather continues to be as gorgeous as it has been all week..It has gotten SOO cold at nights! Its crazy..I miss the pool sooo bad. :'( and I'm NOT enjoying this runny nose and scratchy throat at all.
Well. I gotta go get some house work done! :p
Have a lovely weekend everyone! I know I will! <3

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  1. Ohmgsh!!!! The little boys are *so* cute!! <3 <3 :D
    I'm glad u have had a fantastic week.
    I AM SO PSYCHED TOO!!!!! xD xD I can't wait!! U r bringing ur facepaint right?? I hope so! <3 <3 Can't wait till tomorrow!!! xoxoxo