Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat That Gravy!

If these were an epic part of your childhood..

You are blessed, no matter how many bruises, or OOpps, it didn't go in's that you heard uttered during you childhood. You. Are. Blessed.

I had a fantastic weekend filled with family, food, games, music sharing/listening, and amazingness. I've been blessed with really great cousins. I love being together with them, and thinking back on all our memories that we've had over the years. There is nothing quite like being with a group of people, that you have known your whole entire life. No more holding back from shyness or introvertedness. I let it rip! Anything from randomly breaking out into hysteric fits of retardedness, to "moon walking" (who am I kidding, I couldn't dance to save my life!) to staying up really late playing games and taking fun pix in dark rooms with flashlights. I love being able to randomly start talking with a ridiculous voice and no one thinks anything about it, or jumping up and down and quoting Psych back and forth with your equally silly Psych fan cousin. Its kool to know someone good enough to play off of them. Like. I'll say I, then you'll say Love, then I'll say you, Hey look! That time YOU said love!!! 

But then there is the goodbyes...
I hate goodbyes, but who doesn't?
When good friends/family leave after a good visit,  there's always this nasty bitter sweetness aroma left in the air, I wish I could vacuum it all up and move on quickly to normal life again. But typically speaking I just wander around the house, cleaning up, talking to whoever will listen about the visit, and missing them, wishing it could have lasted longer. Wishing that they hadn't taken to much fun with them, hoping that they are thinking the same. Wishing I could have gone with them on their tour..But alas, as I told cousin John, I've got duties that call me to stay home. Even tho I love home :)
But I'm thanking God for a beautiful 6 days of fun filled wonderfulness.
Now back to pleasant filled normalness of real life. 
Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there <3


  1. Lol! I like how you describe being around relatives. That's pretty much how I behave on the holidays too. =) It's fun. :D

  2. lolz!! I am glad u had a fantastic time with ur cousins. ^_^ I love the way u described their visit. You have the funnest cousins! I love randomly busting out into crazy voices too. lolol. my family just looks at me like I am insane for a little while then remembers that I am. xD It makes it even more fun. <3 <3

  3. Ditto Lydia and Rachel!!
    Love every opportunity to be absolutely crazily yourself!! ;)
    Also, made me miss MY cousins!! :(