Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis the season...


I love pie a lot, even more than I love cake, cos pie is just way kooler.
Today I realized while wasting time outside instead of doing school, that our pecan tree is actually giving this year! I was stoked, so gathering up as many as would fit in my makeshift kangaroo pouch that one makes with their shirt while hurriedly picking up stuff like its gonna run away, I picked up nuts. 
Then I took them inside and got a bag and went out to pick up more. I think I prolly have at least TEN pies worth of nuts in the kitchen, that may be an exaggeration, but  I should, seeing as I spend an hour picking them up. Then me and mom cracked them for at least 2 hours, and we only got a cup of nuts.. So later this week, I have alot of nuts to keep me busy, and drooling thinking of pies..

 Pecans have to be the hardest nuts to crack and get a good whole nut out of. Actually its almost impossible to get the nut out in one piece.
Therefore I'm am very proud of the last above picture. 

Its also the season for setting up my Etsy shop, which I plan to do Thursday.. Here is a small sneak peak at is gonna be in my shop..

once again for the affect, this is a very small sneak peak <3


Tomorrow I'm going christmas shopping! Wow,  I can't believe I'm already saying that..

Nonii x_x


  1. <3 <3 <3 I love pie too. xD I can't wait to see your etsy site!!

  2. Ok, so I just posted two comments and deleted them. lol sorry. This post makes me happy! I love nuts and we always keep an assortment of them around at the holidays, so now I can't wait til we get them!! (: I haven't ever heard of Etsy before, but I looked it up and it looks pretty cool! Have you had much success with it? Also, are you homeschooled? I was, and I loved it (for the most part) haha

  3. @Rache, I can't wait to see it either! Lolz <3 :-*

    @Tabbi, pie is the happiest ^_^

    lol, its ok =) i am typically attracted to anything nutty, lol xD I have never ordered anything from Etsy, but I had friends who have shops and they seem to enjoy it enough, I am really really really hoping my shop does well xD
    Yes!! I am homeschooled, but I'm not a "homeschooler" lol, I'm sure u understand what that means. I love being home educated. The freedom is awesome, I would NEVER want to trade it for any other type of education!! (: plus I am finishing up early. which rocks.

  4. Yeah, now I am thinking about doing one when I have break. It looks really cool if people actually buy the stuff you put on.

    & haha, yes I know what you mean about homeschoolers. That's cool that you're finishing early. What are your plans once you graduate?

  5. Yep! I'm getting ready to set mine up this evening.

    Once I graduate I'm prolly just gonna get a part time job at a day care, and then start part time college next fall. I don't want to start full time, cos I really hate school and I know its gonna be hard on me, I'm not a very disciplined person when it comes to school :) I'm just gonna get an Arts degree, in art. lol xD wat r u going for?

  6. I am majoring in dietetics with a minor in spanish. I love college - it's a lot different than school. I really thought about going into something art related, but ended up with this and I'm so happy! I can't wait to graduate and start working lol although I WILL be a little sad to leave college.