Friday, November 11, 2011

17 feels good. :)

My sister and Brother in law are here till Sunday morning, they came Wednesday while we were in class, and then we met them in the parking lot and went straight to church. Everyone sang happy birthday to me right before Mike started teaching, it wouldn't have been so bad if everyone hadn't turned in their seats to look at me. But even tho I'm sure I turned red, I felt an odd mixture of pleasure, gratefulness, and embarrassment.
I've really enjoyed getting to have my sister here on my b-day. It was a conveniently planned visit.
I have been *sooo* spoiled. So spoiled with so many people who truly love me. Honestly sometimes it just blows my mind. After going from one church where no one really cared about you, and there was no love towards any anyone in need of it,  and being there for 5 stinking years and my being severly burned by people coming in with an agenda, and just changing all the "sound doctrine", and having your best friend who you thought you would know for the rest of your life, turned against you and your family..*breath* We came to our current church, Parkland Chapel. If I have my history right, its a branch of  Calvery Chapel, which was founded by Chuck Smith during the 70's Jesus movement in CA. His ministry was revolved around reaching out to all the hippies, and they would have huge gatherings in tents, and alot of people came to know Jesus.
My pastor is actually from my area, and he went to bible school in CA, where he met is amazing wife Lucinda. They moved here 7 years ago, and started up Parkland Chapel about 5 or 6 years ago (i think). We found out about the church because its in the same building as one of the first churches that we started going to when we came back from the mission field, and some friends of ours (who has also gone to the old church as well) were going to PC.
Anywho, PC is awesome. I am the only girl my age there, and besides my family, there are just a small handful of younger youth there. I'm not much attached to the youth, but I am attached to the kiddos. Like I've mentioned before, kids love me, and I have 6 kids (there are way more, but only 6 are mine). I love them like they were my own.
Then I have 4 very dear adult lady friends. They are amazing, and a great influence in my life. Along with my mom of course ;) <3
I love my church for so many reasons. Reason number one, is that EVERYONE, is genuin. Let me say that again. GENUINE. They seriously love God, and they seriously care for people. They make you feel like your wanted, and that your worth something. They are pretty much all amazing. I love them all. Well, almost, hehe ;) <3 Reason number 2, they all pretty much carry the same type of dry humor, and my pastors doesn't really "preach". He teaches. And when he teaches. He's really captivating (dont tell him i said that, he'll get a big head!) and he is the biggest goof ball ever.
I havta say tho, that even tho our experience in the other church was horrible, and they really hurt some dear friends of ours, I did make some life lasting relationships with 2 girls who are totally amazing. We still get together often (tho not often enough) and I love them alot. (:
So anyway. I was show lots and lots of love this week, and it makes me realize how much people care about me. Its always a nice thing to know and remember when your feeling like a horrible piece of crap who no one loves.
I find it rather comical that an introverted persons of my sort, would have so many different and unique friends, but I guess that just goes to prove that we aren't aloof nerds after all, and that people can find it easy to love and understand us!


  1. Reading this made me so happy! So glad for all the great relationships you have. I am so thankful for everyone at Parkland and our Calvary Chapel in Kennett. It is wonderful to be part of a group that cares for each other!

  2. I am slightly jealous that you have such a good church family. My church right now is going through a tough time, and it doesn't really seem like anyone cares about anyone except themselves. It is so frustrating. On campus, however, I have found a group of girls who meet for Bible study that are so sincere and genuine in their faith and caring for you. I have really enjoyed getting to know them, and someday I hope to find a church like that.

    PS- I know how it is to have someone that you think is your best friend turn on you. It freaking sucks, and really burns your trust for others.

  3. I am so blessed, and I pray that you can find a good church family. But thats so neat that you've got a good group of girls to support and love you.

    Churches tend to be very corrupt in America, but that certainly doesn't go for them all. Its sad when people get very burned by a church body. Because they then tend, if they don't have a good strong faith, to completely not want anything to even do with churches or God. Its horribly sad. It can be difficult as a Christian to let people know that even tho they may have been burned and that some churches really don't care, there are always other good bodies of Christ out there..and God will lead you to them!

    yes its a hard thing to overcome. And some days I feel the hurt all over again and become bitter, but I have to continue to take it to Christ. I hate being bitter towards someone. So I try my best to not be...mostly tho I just don't think about it. lol (: