Friday, December 2, 2011

The boys..

Are often referred to as "my" boys, and its for a good reason.
'My' boys are Caleb, 8, Nathaniel, 4 (soon to be 5!) and Luke, 2. 
       (do i really need to point out who is who?)
       (this photo makes me so happy ^_^)

Ever since I was little, like 7 or 8, I've loved to hold babies, and take care of little kids, pretty normal for a girl really. There's just nothing quite like "mothering" little ones when your still little yourself, it makes you feel "grown up". 
But obviously I'm not little anymore, so the dynamics are a bit different.  Meaning, I'm honestly more of a real nanny to these kids. Scares me to say it, but their parents reallyreally trust me with their precious ones. <3 <3
I've known these kids since I've been going to my church (3 1/2 years). The blondies (luke and nathaniel) are the pastors kids, and Caleb is their cousin. 
Me and Nathaniel were pretty much buddies from the beginning, when he was but 1yr old. I've had the privilege of knowing this wonderful little man practically his whole life. He's a very thoughtful child, super smart, talkative, and loooves to ask ALL kinds of questions. He's not an extremely funny kid, and in personality, he's more of the laid back nature, but he is VERY stubborn and strong willed. I'm not sure which of us loves each other more ^_^ He truly is a beautiful child inside and out, I love him SOO much.
Then there is BABY LUKE! yes, thats his name that *everyone* calls him. I've known Luke his whole life (doh). I remember when his mommy announced her pregnancy, I remember wondering what the baby would be like, girl or boy, would it look like Nathaniel? The anticipation was almost to much! Then the day finally came. April 23, 2009. <3 Baby Luke was born with a hole in his heart, he almost died, but by the grace and mercy of God, he pulled through, and had surgery not long after he was born. I remember babysitting Nathaniel when his parents and grandparents where at the hospital the first few months of Luke's life. It was a sad and stressful time, lots of prayers where lifted up, and they were answered. My mom, after hearing that kids like Luke often didn't talk much, even prayed that Luke would talk, alot. And her prayers were answered as well. 
Now Luke is the happiest, go lucky, hilarious, talkingest kid ever. He LOVES to show off his belly button (or just his belly in general). He laughs at everything, and he can change his expressions SO quickly its hilarious. I remember holding him when he was so small, I actually was around him enough to learn what a certain cry of his meant, or when he was tired and stuff like that. I think Luke has grown up fastest tho. The change in him is crazy over the past year. Luke is SUCH a momma's boy its so cute, so much so, that he really hadn't quite gotten attached to me like brother is, until the last 2 months or so. Even then he doesn't adore me like Nathaniel <3
Last is Caleb. Caleb is awesome, thats really just a great word to call him, that and handsome.
He's a very small 8 year old, but he's strong, quick, smart and a regular energizer bunny. He likes dancing, guns, sports, little ninja figurines, music, his hair, and being an awesome boy. He's the pocket knife typa kid ^_^ and even tho he's all gruff and manly on the outside, he's got a suuper sweet and gentle side to him. Me an him like to cuddle up an watch movies, shhh, don't tell anyone! ;-)
My main point in writing about my boys, is that I miss them, not Caleb, but Nathaniel and Luke, cos they left yesterday for CA with their parents, and they will be gone for SIX WEEKS. That is a loong time to be away from my boys. Also, I mustn't forget Sophia, she is Calebs sister. She's 11, and as much attached to Nathaniel and Luke as I am. We are certainly going to miss our boys, not only them, but their awesome parents too! 
The next 6 weeks will be empty without seeing my boys every time I go to church. 
And if you would, please be praying for their family. The reason they left for CA for 6 weeks is because their daddy, Mike, is having eye surgery on the 6th, and he can't travel till his eye is better, which will be about 6 weeks. Right now everyone's prayer for Mike, is that the pain won't be bad, that the surgery will actually do some good, and that the healing will go quickly. Mike's a tough kid, but he needs alot of prayers right now. <3
NOW, if you actually made it through this long post, *HUGS* and have a wonderful weekend <3

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