Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching up..

Hm, where to start? This is gonna be a quick one mind you.
Well, I got a cello. Kind of a dream come true really, we found an excellent deal on Craigslist and picked it up in St. Louis Tuesday. That right there should explain my absence. I've been playing almost non-stop. My fingers are incredibly sore and calluses are beginning to form (: I absolutely love the cello. I can't wait till I can make it sound gorgeous, but for now tis the journey that counts.

So besides the cello, I've been trying to get school finished up before christmas break, which was going nicley till this afternoon. I swear I must be passing a kidney stone. Not fun. The pain is really awful, then it backs off. We (as in my mother, who's had some medical training) says its DEFF. not my appendix, thank God. But she's not sure its a kidney stone either, we think my back is just out really bad..Tis a funny place for your back to go out. But all I hope is that its NOT a kidney stone. I doubt it is because I'd prolly be in worse pain than I currently am, even tho earlier is was almost unbearable. I've heard that they can take hours, or weeks to pass..sigh. 
Whatever it is, I'll make it through(: 
photo courtesy of Nathaniel

Also, Christmas has been on my mind! I still have a few people to buy/make something for. Right now I'm currently making an adorable HUGE stuffed animal for my favorite 8yr old (soon to be 9!) 
Sides that, I had my Spanish finals yesterday (it was stupidly easy).  

Next week our cousins are coming around Wednesday (I'm rather psyched).
I really love Christmas time. And the reason for it <3


  1. Can't wait to hear you play your cello! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Woot! I am glad u r enjoying ur cello! ^_^ <3
    ergh. :/ that is not nice. :P I hope u feel well soon!! <3