Friday, December 23, 2011


Right now my parents, Aunt and Uncle and Grandmother are sitting around the table learning about my family history from things that my Grandmother brought over of her mothers, and listening to my Gramma's stories. Family history really fascinates me, I love hearing the stories and names.

Its done, the day that I've been waiting for for a long time.
Christmas day with the Cousins. 
Probably my most favorite day of the year. We never know how its gonna be because my cousins are professional musicians and its hard to know what their schedule will look like for the holidays.
But this year has turned out great.
Currently all my cousins and one bro who's not sleeping are playing a silly video game, I'm not much for video games (unless it has to do with adorable sack people). So I am just chilling on the couch listening to my Aunt Becky read family documents. 
Yesterday was amazing, started off with sleeping in from a late night of gigging and Psych, then chilling, food, presents, pictures, long drive to Cape, mall, shopping, then MI4. Which btw, was fantastic. So is your face. just sayin.
You know I have issues with the your face jokes. My issue is that I find them oddly hilarious..And it bugs me cos a bunch of people I prefer to not be friends with say it ALL the time. Oh well, typically I say it in my head and just start laughing. I laugh alot about things in my head.
I'm going to go try and convince my cousins to do something else sides games, which wont happen:p
I think some Psych would be nice..
If you ever get to know John Link (my cuz) let him read your palm..Its the best experience in the world. Trust me. You won't be disappointed. ;) 
God Bless you and Merry Christmas <3


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  2. ^_^ I am glad u had a fantastic time! :D ur christmas with them always looks/sounds like such a blast. I meesss u!!!
    I laugh about things in my head too. Then I laugh at the reactions of ppl who think I am crazy for laughing at myself. xD
    Btw! I was shocked last Sunday about how Aaron sounds *exactly* like Kyle! It was kinda crazy...O.o ^_^
    Merry Chritmas!!!! <3 <3 <3

    P.s.don't worry about the deleted comment.:) I just decided would edit it. lol. <3