Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Use clay, man...

Typically I never like to post rants on here because I want to inspire someone with happy things.
But I figure I better do this here than facebook. ;)

Yes its true, everyone has a right to have an opinion (even if it sucks;)
But lately (meaing the last 2 weeks) I've come into 3 different situations where someone I know has an opinion bout something that I totally disagree about. I don't disagree on the "thing", but on how they formed it. And its got me thinking..
To me, I don't really care if they dislike everything I like, or even if they loath it, as long as they have a REASON behind why they dislike it. And this isn't bout them an me trying to have the same likes. ;)
There are 2 groups, wishy washy, and opinionated.
I have problems with the wishy washy group. But I think I may have more problems with the opinionated group.
Yes its true, I am *very* opinionated. Ask any of my friends, they all think I'm a critic of everything, and true sometimes I could let that hurt my feelings but honestly, at least I have true reasons to my opinions.
Ok, so where am I going with this your wondering? 
Basically it can all be summed up in a list (what can't be?!). I'm actually making this my moto.

note:when I use the word judge, obviously I mean forming an opinion;)

1.Don't judge an Author by one book.
2.Don't judge a movie by its title and/or actors. (until you've seen it!)
3.Don't judge a singer by one song.
4.Don't judge an artist by one picture.
5.Don't judge a person by a first impression. 

I think that pretty much sums it up nicely doesn't it?
This is probably my biggest pet peev. When I ask someone if they like a book, movie, artist, singer, person, and they just say. No.
And their reason?
Well they hate that one song. Or that one book was boring, or their one movie was lame, or that picture was stupid, or their first impression was weird and awkward.

Everything deserves a second change. 
I think its very considerate too.
If your really good friend tells you they really like something you think you hate, cos of that one thing, give that one thing another try. It wont hurt you, and that way, when you find out you honestly don't care for that thing, you can at least tell you friend "I tried to listen/watch/read/hear/see that thing, but after I was done I just know I really dont like it". Believe me. It will make your friend respect you more because you tried. And who knows! You might just find you really DO like that thing after all! <3



  1. <3 I agree!! <3 That is one of my pet-peeves as well. Nicely said.

  2. Nonii said...
    Thanks Rinksi<3

    so lazy to sign into my account. lol<3

  3. This is really good! I have a really awesome friend but we got off to a really bad start, it was really awkward and weird, but like you said giving it a second try worked and now their one of my closest friends! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting Anonymous!! :D