Monday, January 30, 2012

1. What is the most magical thing that has happend to you?

Questions asked by Lydia
1. What is the most magical thing that has happened to you?- Hmmm..To me a magical day would be if *everything* went your way and there were no regrets and you walked away completely satisfied with everything, so unfortunately, I haven't had a real magical day :(  Lame..
2. What do you consider your worst fault?- My temper..its incredible.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Just ONE place?! Ok. Anne Franks secret Annexe in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. <3 I have a (possible) family member that walks by it ever day! *_*
4. What's your favorite old television show? (must be black-and-white) Mork and Mindy in color. Teehee.
5. Do you turn red when your embarassed? Only in the winter.
6. Would you rather be attacked by a hippo or a rhino? Oh gosh. Rhino's have horns...Hippos chomp you..both, get it over with faster.
7. Have you ever been to another country/countries? Which ones? Yes, I was born in Mexico :P
8. What's your favorite dog breed? Beagle, best dogs ever.
9. Do you like deviled eggs or potato salad better? Potato Salad!
10. What is one song you absolutely hate? Anything by Dolly Partin or FF5.
11. Have you ever read more than two books in one day? Of course! 

Questions asked by  Kate

1. Are you a back-seat Driver? Nope, I never pay attention to who's even driving.
2. Your Greatest Most Life-Changing discovery: When I rededicated my life to the Lord.
3. Slippers or a pet unicorn? Slippers...leather Indian kind..
4. Chinese food or Italian? Chinese!
5. Which would you rather use as a pillow: A chicken pot pie, A bouquet of flowers(in a vase, of course..), Or a medium to small sized blob of Vaseline?  Chicken pot pie..I get 3am cravings anyway.
6. How long are your toenails? Normal? I dunno...their painted black so its hard to tell!
7. In desperate measures, would you rather eat a small tree or a sofa? Huh, small tree xD
8. Who is your living hero? (as opposed to dead) Elisabeth Elliot <3
9. What is your goal? To finish the last 2 questions.
10. How experienced are you at feeding lasagna to a shrubbery? I need lessons.
11. How confused are you right now on a scale of 1-17? 20.

Questions asked by Carson
1. You have until tomorrow noon to live. What are you going to do between
      now and then? Rejoice that I get to finally meet my savior, then spend time with everyone I love most.
2. What's stopping you? Me.
3. What's your favourite lame joke. (Or one of them.) Your face is my favorite lame joke.
4. You just received $50. Which one (1) of the following things would spend
     it on? Gas for your car, a pair of shin pads, shoes, a charity, or an Ultra-
     Deluxe Super-Duper toilet plunger. Pshh. donate.
5. In one word, describe your cellphone. Blue.
6. You have just become a philosopher. What is your first 
     profound/insightful statement? Face.
7. Do you think I'll manage to compile 5 more questions? Unfortunately.
8. Which invention is better, the wheel or the webcam? Yes.
9. What's the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon? With my kids.
10. Which of the following describes you best? Bed-maker, bed-wetter, bed-
     bouncer, or bed-header. :)  .......... :)  .... . .. .. .   ... .
11. Are hard questions good for us? Most definitely. But they hurt my brain :p


  1. Where is this Anne Frank Annex in Copenhagen? I thought she was more in the Amsterdam area.

    1. Wow, I guess I should add this to my list of most embarrassing moments.
      I've read her diary many many times, and can never remember where exactly it was, so I always end up googling it, apparently I clicked the wrong link. *gah*
      She was *not* in Copenhagen , it wasss in Amsterdam (sheez I knew that!) in a town called Prinsengracht to be exact..I'm still totally embarrassed :p

    2. Whew, I thought this was something new I had never heard of. I've done the Amsterdam thing, and wouldn't have minded going to Denmark to check out the other location... But it's not to be, I guess. :) You should definitely trot on over to Holland, it's well worth it.

    3. Oh its one of my dreams to go to all those place around Denrmak/Amsterdam area! Maybe someday :-)

  2. Hey thanks for doin it!!! :D hehe. Loved the answers. :)

  3. lol!! You are such a nut! U make me laugh. xD <3