Sunday, January 29, 2012

:Fabulous Sundays:

Kinda doing a "my own" fashion spot of the week today!
First, me an my gorgeous beagle girl, Tillie <3333 Love her so much.

What I'm wearing: City Street skinny jeans, brown boots from Kholes, vintage re-done vest from someone, tan v-neck from TJMaz, Candy's sunglasses.

Have a nice week, dearies<3


  1. Love the whole outfit..looks like something I would wear. :)

  2. cute outfit! I like the vest (:

  3. Wasn't the weather today just pure awesomeness?! felt like spring... how i miss you, dear warm weather..... =D

  4. Oh I love that pic of you and Tillie =) I love your outfit. Don't know if I'd ever be brave enough... but yep, it's pretty cute. =)

  5. ceeeeeeuuutee!!! ^_^
    aww! Tillie is so dang cute! <3 <3

  6. Thanks, girls! :-)
    @Lydia, actually, it took me awhile to get brave enough to wear the vest, but after my sister said it was cute I figured it wasn't as tacky as I thought it might be! lol.

    @Emily, yes it was!! and today is even better1 ^_^

    @Alyssa, well then, I guess it IS a cute outfit if you would wear it! :-) You have great taste, just sayin'.