Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a bright speck...

Always in the winter I feel deprived of beauty, the world in its way is still pretty, but its just harder to notice it, ya know? So a couple times a week I try and either create, or find something beautiful or inspiring. Material things do have a thing of creating a smile on your face.
So far this week I've found several things in the form of other blogs, items on etsy, or stuff from my own head.
I *really* love fashion, and admire those who's tastes are similar to mine. So anyway, my friend sent me this blog, and I've honestly drooled over almost everything about it.
Its just..wow..if your a girl, and you like clothes and vintagy things, I just know you will love this blog.
Plus the name is so catchy!

 A Beautiful Mess<<click it!!!

So I have to get something off my chest...
I know I could go on a rant about how I, as a christian shouldn't focus on the material things of this world. But I know where my heart is, and I'd be happy to leave all the beautiful things that have been created here in this world, to be called home to my Lord who's home I will abide in with Him, and it will be beyond anything I can imagine..
So what is the harm of loving the things of this world? Um, getting caught up and obbsessed. Doh.
But thankfully, even tho I love fashion, and pretty things, I'm not really obsessed or hooked to it, good thing. But I do believe there is no harm in surrounding yourself with pretty things.. Just don't get to caught up in it ;)
Ok. I feel better now! 
But seriously, that lady's blog is  *amazing*
Click it..now.. <3


  1. I don't think God minds if we enjoy lovely things. In fact, he might be disappointed if we aren't capable of loving beauty. =)

    p.s. I think the link went to the wrong website?

  2. I think so too:)

    hahaha, that went to a blog about a lady who does music with A Beautiful Mess's husband! lol. if that makes sense..
    its fixed now tho:)

  3. "a Beautiful Mess's husband" Lol! It makes sense, but it's funny =) Cool blog..I've been noticing some of her stuff lately. Hmm.. I think I want some of her clothes :D

  4. I agree that God would want us to enjoy beauty and not shun it. I love beautiful things, maybe a little too much at times. haha but honestly I think God made us to need beauty. If beauty were wrong why would He make heaven so beautiful?