Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The name game.

I'm not sure how many single, not married or pregnant, girls actually spend time thinking about the names they will name their future children, but I have. I've spent hours reading name books and filled pages with lists of names. So over time, I've accumulated a few that I'm pretty in love with..

Boy names (i'm best at picking these out)

Noah Prosper (this middle name is my favorite of all)
June Craig
Victor Randal (don't laugh)
Jack Moses
Robert Tat

They are all pretty old fashion, but I like that. Robert is by far my most classic name, but there is just something about the name Robbie or Rob that just gets me. And Tat was my great grandfathers nick name<3
I found the name Prosper from a book I read called The Thief Lord, I love the meaning of the word Prosper, and it makes the perfect middle name for Noah.
Victor is just another one that I love the sound of it, Jack, well who doesn't love that name? And pared with a biblical name like Moses its just irresistible (to me at least!)

Girl names.

Stella Grace (Grace is my big sister middle name, Stella was gotten from Great Expectations<3)
Nora Jem
Margo Elisabeth
Lucy Ahn

I'm not so good at picking out girl names. The name Jem comes from another childhood favorite book, Elisabeth is in honor of a few amazing people in my life, Ahn is my grandmothers middle name, and Lucy, its just dang cute. I need to find another name to pare with Lynn, in honor of my mom's middle name.

Names are such a thing for me, I love the sound of them. My favorite name of ALL time to say is Giovanni Ribisi! Thats an actors name, and I don't care for that, but seriously, said with the correct Italian accent, that name is just beyond loverly.

This is me and my cello, it hasn't got a name yet:(

What do you think he looks like? Yes, its a he..


  1. He looks rather like a Wilhelm to me. :) IS it weird that I name my toques And gingerbread men and caterpillars?

  2. This is so awesome! your kids will be the best named kids around, fo sho. Me and a friend were just talking about this the other day... i love names. Some peeps think im weird, but seriously! And I love the meanings of certain names... i dont think i will ever name my child something that i dont have a clue what the name means. Only THE very best go on my list. And yeah, they are pretty wacko. But i like that.... wish i had a wacko weird name. =) And i really like your cello guy friend... my things are always guys, too, for some reason. Just seems to fit. I havent come up with my violins name yet... i want the perfect one. And he's a guy too ;)

  3. Ooooh, I've loved the name Wilhelm for a long time! Good idea:) I can't believe I forgot to mention my OTHER 2 favorite boy names, Cole, and Lewis, my I have an uncle, and a great uncle names Cole and Lewis(: And no, its never weird (to me at least) to give those things names!

    Hahaha, Emily, thanks:) Things are always guys for me it seems too! I'm not sure why either ;-)
    My cello couldn't be anything BUT a fellow :-) plus it rhymes!

  4. I have always loved reading you name lists! <3 I love how creative you are! I really stink at naming things. honestly. I do love to look up meanings though! It is so much fun!
    I agree Wilhelm is a very good name for a cello! <3
    I always refer to my things as if they were guys too!! That is so funny! I am glad I'm not the only one. ^_^

    @Emily: You play the violin? Me too! HOw long have you been playing?
    btw, I wish I had a crazy name too. I actually spend a lot of time thinking up crazy ones for myself. ^_^ My current fave is Djaq. lol. <3 <3 ('course, I heard that one on a tv show and fell in love with it. I didn't think of it all by myself. lol.)

  5. You play the cello?!?! That is way awesome! I've wanted to play the cello for awhile...I used to play the violin a little and I really want to get back into it. And Wilhelm is also a very kewl name! I also like Edward. I like a lot of names. x) I love naming stuff. (My camera's name is Montigue. Monti for short. Haha!)

  6. Oh, and p.s. I tagged you in my last post! :-)

  7. Some of my alltime favs... (guys)Archelaus, Cedric, Aidrich, Enoch, Aiden, etc. (girls) Selah, Talitha, Aletheia, Destiny, Arden, etc. (i really like finding odd, meaningful names... but it is kinda hard)

    @RinskiiJoy, I've been had a violin for about 8 or so years but have been taking lessons off and on since. I am not very advanced or "good" at it, but i like to play. Its so much fun! Thats so awesome that you play too <3 I have like a list of 30 intruments to learn to play before i die. haha (and by the way, Nonii, Cello's on it too ;)you might have to tach me one day... )
    Wow, Montigue is like.. the bomb name!

  8. @The Sailor, thnx for tagging me!! <3 I love your cameras name! I've had my camera for awhile now, and its unamed.. :( lol

  9. omw!! I LOVE names!! I seriously used to spend hours looking at websites of baby names and typing up my favorite. I had several word documents. Unfortunately that computer crashed.... But I still have a few of my favorites - Kayden Burke and Jotham Eldon for guys and Madelyne Jade, Tamar Marie, and Victoria Sophie for girls. The thing I love most about names is the spelling. Spelling is everything, besides meaning, of course. (: I really love the name Victor btw!

    1. Yay! Another name lover, maybe its is a common trait among girls.
      I'm terrible at spelling anything, so I keep my suuper simple.
      Your names look, and sound awesome tho!!
      Ah, Victor *is* loverly:)
      I'm actually leaning toward Victor Isaiah<3