Sunday, January 1, 2012

Loving is easy..

Loving my life is pretty easy, if I stay positive about things, doh.  I'm not much of the positive nature (tho some call me "go lucky") and its something I am greatly disappointed in myself. I do wish I was an optimistic person, I've got a feeling whoever I end up marring will be optimistic, at least, I need that to happen. I mean I'm not all gloom and doom, but it never hurts to have optimistic people(s) around you <3
I just spent time with on of my favorite families in the world. And they are all happy people whom I love being around. I know your probably thinking that this family has kids my age and that's why I love them..your wrong<3 The kids are much younger than me, but that never matters with me. But if I am ever in need of adult conversation me and their mum hit it off great!! I like that they like me. Sometimes when you've been burned by past experiences God provides the perfect people to love you. So I got to start off my new year being with my peeps.
They say that whatever you are doing when the new year hits is what you'll be doing alot in that year..I hope thats not true, because I was watching stupid (*stupid) horror movies and getting freaked out for no good reason..and I was tired. I dont wanna watch any more horror movies are be very tired all year! 

Now I must go and be alone, which I currently am, but I need my four walls of my bedroom to re-charge in. I've been around peeps since Thursday and I'm WIPED! I know I'm pathetic ;)
Blessed 2012 everyone <3

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