Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey guys! You should totally check out my brother, Ezra's new blog. He is a seriously gifted writer, kinda makes me jealous;)

Ezra's Blog

Annnd, I found this amazing blog by a really pretty lady named Alisa Burke, I really found it like a year ago, but anywho, she is so kool.

Alisa's Blog

Enjoy and happy Tuesday!!

ps, tomorrow I'm getting my hair all chopped off again, *eek* I keep flip flopping on ideas but I think I'm going to go Wynona Rider on everyone <3

She is so gorgeous, looks like she has a farmers tan huh? lol


  1. Ahh.. I think I saw Alisa's blog just yesterday. Lol!
    Cutting your hair again?! I don't even know for sure what it looks like now, because it has been waaay to long in forever since I've seen you. :( Friends should see each other often enough that they remember what their friend's hair looks like :p

  2. Lol, thats hilarious, I love her watercolor stuff!:)
    Ikr?!?! Me and mom need to make a visit up there REALLY soonly!! :\ *fingers crossed* lol.

  3. duuuuude!! That is an amazing haircut! Post pix of u so I can see your new hair! ^_^ <3
    I *totally* Agree with Lidja. ;) Friends certainly ought to see each other more often. ^_^ <3 <3
    I hope I can check out those blogs sometime! I am really hoping that our internet will be usable again in a week or so. xD

  4. okay. when i first saw that picture of Wynona Rider I thought it was you! Your new haircut is awesome chiquita!