Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painted Shoes

Yesterday I found these shoes at the thrift store, 4bucks <3
Unfortunately, and you can't really tell in any of these photos, they are a really redish brown, and I'm not to fond of that. Plus, I've been wanting some shoes to paint..

Lulu was highly interested. I like the shoes alot.
But I'm not to sure if I like what I did to them :(
Lulu isn't sure either!    

I think they'll grow on me, and I'm hoping the paint stays well, so I can paint the rest, because the color in real life really isn't as pretty as in the pictures.
And in case your wondering, yes, that is GOLD.
I like gold.
Do you?


  1. Those shoes are cool! That is so awesome that you painted them. That reminds me of a pair of ice skates I had. xDD I knew I wasn’t going to keep them much longer, (because they were falling apart) so I colored the laces rainbow with markers. They actually looked really cool for a few weeks, but then they turned all brown. D: So I was disappointed about that, ‘cause it didn’t really come out as I had hoped it would.
    Aww, your kitty is so cute! ^.^
    Great post, Nonii!