Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your a Homeschooler If..

1- You introduce yourself like this... "Hi, my name is Charity Joy, and I'm homeschooled"
2- You don't have a clue what "Slap Stick" means.
3-You still call your dad "Daddy" even tho your 19 and male.
4-You don't realize that Jersey Shore isn't in France.
5- You have never ordered your own hamburger.
5- You have memorized The Declaration Of Independence.
6- The most modern artist that you listen to is Johnny Cash, and only when your mom isn't around.
7- The only movies your allowed to watch are Christian ones. And you think they are the BEST.
8-You don't know what Lady Gaga is (oh wait..neither does she..)
9- Your biggest goal in life is to bring the gospel to public schoolers.
10- You've said "what's youtube" in the last 5 years.
11- You know what Cloistered means.
12- You call yourself a southerner. And are convinced the Civil War WASN'T about slavery.
13- You use the word "Niiicceee" about 500 times every day.
14- Your favorite shirt is the one you bought in a real store, full price.
16-You noticed I skipped number fifteen.
17- You think Suicides (mixing several soda's together) are the coolest thing to do, mainly because the connotation of the word suicide is horrible. 
18- You tell public schoolers (the 2 you have met) "Oh, I'm so sorry your public schooled".
20- Spongebob Square Pants is EVIL.
19- You think this whole list is highly offensive and you hate me for switching up 19 and 20 and doubling 5, oh you just caught that?

The biggest difference between the Homeschoolers and the Home educated persons, is that one group thinks its ok to make fun of the other~My mom.


  1. Surprisingly, I can only say "yes" to a few of these. Namely 11, 12, and 13. ;)

    PS: Spongebob Squarepants may not be EVIL, but he strikes me as incredibly stupid. Of course, I've grown up watching PBS. ;)

    1. Lol. Glad I made you bwhahaha xD
      Surprisingly, anyone who says their a southerner and thinks the civil war wasn't about slavery is a homeschooler. Sorry. Either that or their indoctrinated. *much love 2 u still*.

      Spongebob is ingeniously hilarious. Of course, you grew up watching PBS, so that went over your head. xD

      no offense.

    2. Ha, guess I should have clarified--it's not that I don't think slavery was a major issue in the Civil War (AND I am totally, totally anti-slavery,) but I think other issues that came into play. :) And no offense taken. ;)


    3. Well I'm not gonna go into that right here. Maybe some other day ;)

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  3. this made me laugh :) and although I was home schooled for 9 years, I disagree with everything on this list. My parents were the few who didn't stress the whole "the world is evil" and "only Godly things are worth our time" and "public school kids are bad influences. stay away!" thing. I've grown up listening to Pat Benatar, Foreigner, & Whitesnake. Now, most of my favorite bands are the furthest things from Johnny Cash. And I watch Spongebob all the time. And "Christian movies" these days? I think I'd rather drink nail polish than watch some of the sappy hallmark crap that's out there...but I guess I can understand where this post is coming from. I used to be friends with a girl who was JUST LIKE THIS. It's not her fault. Her parents shelter her to no end. Anywho, sorry to rant and rave. :)

    1. The whole point of the list was for a laugh, so I guess I succeeded:)
      Thats kool that your not a homeschooler then!
      Everything you raved about was my point I was making in the list, just in a slap stick humor-ish way. xD
      Oh, and Hallmark isn't christian, LOL ;)
      I myself am no where near being a homeschooler (tho I do appreciate Johnny Cash for his pure genius that he was)
      Thanks for the rant tho! You know I love em'.

      ps. Those bands, are they from the 908's or 80's? I've only heard of the last, but never listened to any of them.

    2. they're frome the 70's-80's mostly. :)and i guess when i talk about lame movies, i think of hallmark. hallmark usually shows movies with poor acting and even poorer scripting...:) stereotyping...we all do it sometimes...;)

  4. lol!! This is AWWWESSSOMMEEEE!!! :D (please excuse my over-enthusiastic self!) I think the only one that is true for me is #8 though... ;) yeahhh i'm pretty glad i am home-educated. your post would make an awesome video too! lol you would be an awesome youtuber!! ;)

  5. HAHAHA! i love that u said #8!!!!
    I have seriously thought about doing vids an putting them on youtube..Maybe someday when I get a decent camera tho I might, it would be more fun to have a vlog tho (video-blog) xD

  6. oh, btw--your post here made me think of this video...

    1. haha, yes, I know that kid, pretty good vids!

  7. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! This is hilarious! Gladly, I don't think any of those are true about me! Lol. I totally know ppl that are just like that. O_O hehe. :D this made me laugh. <3

    1. I don't think any are either! lol. <3 Yeh, me an you both doo!!!!!!!!!!