Friday, January 20, 2012

the real world

I've been having the oddest dreams ever..They have all seemed like reality, and everything about those dreams seems to be something that one day, will come true, its hard to explain. But every night this week I've had strange, wonderful dreams..I love sleeping.

Tomorrow me, my dad, Francisco (who just turned 53 yesterday! wow, old man;) and my brother, Ezra, are heading up to St.Charles for Winter Jam! Kinda pumped.
I'm gonna do the fohawk tomorrow.
At first I was rather concerned that people who would see me tomorrow, might think I was living that "other lifestyle". But I realized that they most likely will think I'm just a kid having fun, and thats exactly what I am.

I know this is lame of me...but I can't help it, THIS is the world I wanna live in so bad right now..
I'm gonna add that there are no shallow or ignorant owls in this world<3
My typa happy place..  
A city where happy owls live, work, breathe, ride bikes and fly kites. They pick flowers, sing in the shower, salsa dance, swim in pools, knit sweaters and read dreamy books with happy endings. They roller skate, watch romantic movies, drive clean cars to church, hold hands on the beach and run on treadmills after they eat a lot of pizza. They enjoy vanilla skies, swinging on swing sets, walking in the rain, pajama parties, wearing fuzzy sweatshirts in the winter and imagining what it would be like to breathe underwater. Owl City is an innocent place where life is pleasant and enjoyable. It's a place where pretty owl girl flight attendants smile at handsome boy owls at 30,000 feet. It's a place where little owls sometimes get lost in grocery stores but they always find their momma's again.


  1. *heart* Luv the pic, Luv the hair, Luv the quote. Great post. <3 <3

  2. lol ditto @Rinskiijoy!! :) just awesome all around...