Monday, January 16, 2012

What up, Doc?

So, I've not been up to much lately...Just the normal, school, sleeping, eating, school, crocheting , school, writing, reading, school. I really hate the later.
And I got rid of my old craft table, and down seized to my great grandmothers  vanity. I draped my Christmas lights all over it, and its wonderful. At first I hated it there, but now I love it!
like my little poodle friend on the floor??      

My writing desk has been abandoned for the vanity :( i feel bad kinda..

 And, I've been painting my nails lately. Weird for me, but now I am hooked!

This blue is my particularly favorite color. Next time I'm going bubble gum pink!
Its fun being a girl <3
 I woke up to snow last week. Not even enough to cover the ground, but it made me so happy! The snow created a gorgeous lighting in the house all day. Good lighting is a must for me.

so, what have you been up to??


  1. I love the colors you picked! I don't mind painting my toes, but I really can't stand painting my fingernails. I always start picking on it, and the way it feels drives me nuuts!
    Btw, I think you could definitely do some amazing nail art. :D

  2. HEY! You edited it after I commented. Cheater! =) Now I have to comment again! Oh man, I want snow so bad. Jealous. :p

  3. Lol, i love the colors too! It does feel weird, and it never lasts long on my nails cos I am always chipping the paint off cos I'm to active with my fingers! lol.

  4. lol, sorry! i needed to edit the post. lolz ^_^

  5. yeees! I love fingernail polish! I always end up chipping it off too. But it is so much fun painting them that I don't mind haveing to do it over. :) <3
    Can we do nail art next time u come down? <3 <3 ^_^

  6. lol!! WHY does everyone seem to do that?? lol! i always chip off my nail polish too! ..weird! that is an AWESOME vanity btw!!

  7. hi! thanks for the comments :) they're so very much appreciated! Toodles!


  8. Hey, Sydney! Well your blogz are cool and deserving of attention!