Thursday, January 5, 2012

THRIVE  <<<click here!<<<<

Ok, so blogger wont allow me to find this off of their direct youtube thingy :p. But anywho, today I don't have much time cos I've had tonsillitis for going on 3 weeks, and its time for a visit to the Dr.
But please listen to this song, its sooo good. Switchfoot's new album ViseVerse is *so* good. Its so good I wonder if they might just make it their last so they end on a good note. But that would be terrible sad for them to stop so I hope they don't, they've been going for 17 years strong and have come out with some incredible stuff. This album feels so mature and complete, its just amazing.
This song inparticular is called Thrive, and its talking about how we want to THRIVE in this world, not just be alive. Its almost a sad song, but the message is very uplifting.
I better git off here and go finish laying out my new quilt that I'm making for the art contest!  <3

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