Friday, February 3, 2012

Doodle Challenge

So, just like acouple secs ago, I accepted a doodle challenge, I love to doodle, and I'm always doodling on everything, napkins, myself, any scrap of paper withing 3 feet of me, its the best way to waste time when there's time to waste.
So here's the challenge.
Day 1- Doodle yourself!
Day2-Doodle your best friend!
Day3-Doodle something you love!
Day4-Doodle your favorite quote!
Day5-Doodle something you want to change in the world!
Day6-Doodle something from history!
Day7-Doodle your favorite pair of socks!

Ok, first off, I'll be putting my own twist on this, just cos I can't resist doing that to everything xD 

Day1- Self doodle..
This is me (i really look nothing like this, but oh well)
This is me in anime style...*back wen I had long pretty hair...*
This is me if I were an 80's punk..guy....I've never draw a dude and said "this is me as a guy" cos that is just strange..but for some reason, this just IS me if I were a guy (which I am so glad I'm not, hahaha, no offense)
Kinda a wussy looking guy..hehehehe
btw, if I were a dog I'd be a beagle..*yes that made it less weird*.
This is me and my future boyfriend..
And this is what I've been creating lately..
Have you been doodling things lately? If not, you should totally join me as I do dream sailors doodle challenge!!!


  1. Yayayayayayy!! So glad you're doing the doodle challenge Nonii!! ...And your drawerings are utterly AMAZING. o.O I mean, seriously. I doodled myself today and it looks...yeeeah. BAHA. xD Nothing like me. I'll post it later.
    And I love those designs! Soo pretty!

  2. Lol, thanks!! I really enjoy drawing:-)

  3. Just flowers cause its all I know how to draw ha - I like the anime one a lot - oh I bought a necklace from your friend!

    1. Your flowers were really adorable! There is a blog you will most likely love, it called
      Her stuff is beautiful, and bright, and happy ^_^

      I saw that!! Glad you like it, Lydia has some great stuff:)