Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let me have 5

to just be an absolute 13yr old.
Today as I was out playing with my puppy dog (who was in desperate need of attention) mom and dad came back from cutting wood. They had picked up the mail, and I actually had a package AND a letter from my bestie, Rachel over at Mismatched socks!!!
(btw, I just got done eating the most amazing chocolate cookies..yyuummoo)
 First, the package containing a book!
Can't wait to dig into this ;)

Then the letter from my beastie (I figure I better blurr our personal info, hehe) 
  And the contents of envelope!!!! (besides a sweet note;)
I honestly squealed when I saw this! I *love* Johnny Cash, and this necklace is just pretty dang epic.
Thank you sooo much Rinskiroo!!!!!!! I love you a ton<3 ^_^ <3 xD *-*

Josh is gonna be soooooo jealous!! ;-)


  1. LOL Nonni! I love the way you threw in the bit about Chocolate cookies! <3

  2. lol! You're welcome!! <3 i'm glad u love it. xD

  3. Hehe, well they were to good not the mention :)
    Rinski, now you made me want a Cash t-shirt! lolz <3333