Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It snowed yesterday, a good 2 inches. I woke up this morning and had to go to the Dr. and by the time I got back, it was all melted:(
Glad I went out while the sky was spilling out snow flakes a quarter size around!

Ahh, winter. I love you...sometimes...
I also love my adorable beagle, and my flower house coat which does its duty wonderfully when I don't want to put on a snow suit, (plus the dorky hat) and the horse, Ellie, and..
Well, I feel something for the 1yr old cow named Agnes who forgets she's a cow and still wants a bottle, but I wouldn't call it love.
I dunno what I'd call it.
A mixture between fondness and hate.

Before I forget, here's my doodle#3- Something I love. (note, I'm not in the mood to draw, I feel sickly-ish and I just wanna make more flowers and read)
I'll probably be using this for the next doodle too(#4 draw you favorite quote)...unless I get creative and Google something said by Samuel Adams or Elizabeth Elliot.


  1. hehehe. <3 *love* the doodle! that is too cute. :D great pictures too! I wish I had been able to get out in the snow. I have been too sick though. :P I hope it snows again before Spring!

  2. I love the picture of the cow. :D And Tillie is still really really cute.